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True Love Never Dies: It Only Gets Stronger with Time

by Blaky
True Love Never Dies

What is it something genuine love would never do to you? Don’t be intimidated by the question; it appears to be more difficult than it is. Let’s work together to find the answer.

Allow us  tell you a tale about a couple who are still together and very much in love almost 20 years later before explaining what true love would never do to you.

The Girl in The Mirror

She examines herself in her room’s full-length mirror. I’m completely naked and exposed, but I’m not afraid. He is five years older than he was five years ago, but he appears to be much younger. Consider all of the men who have passed in front of that mirror.

They believed they could take it. They mistook her for their property. There she was, so fragile and precious in his arms. She, on the other hand, was the one who had them. She owns the area in front of the mirror, as well as the moments that occur there.

She examines the naked man on her bed. But it’s not like there’ll be any more. He sleeps differently for the first time in years. With a soft smile, a tinge of peace, and a story devoid of envy or jealousy. She smiles to herself over and over.

He awakens up at that same time, gently raises his head with his eyes half closed, and finds her naked in the mirror. She is startled by his movement and jumps. He’s not seeing her undressed because she’s not ready for him to wake up, but because she’s not ready for him to be awake. No, not yet.

This is your moment, first thing in the morning, when the rest of the world is still asleep and you can only hear yourself breathing. It’s a sacred time for you, when answers and ideas flow freely. A state of mind in which your heart beats calmly and serenely. He closes his eyes and falls asleep again at that point.

She slips into her robe and tiptoes into the kitchen, where she prepares the coffee maker, toasts two slices of bread, and opens the curtains. The house is flooded with light in the early morning. The bread is done after a few minutes, according to the toaster. She tops it with strawberry jam, pours herself a cup of coffee, and sits on the front porch.

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Consider how content he is. It’s great to be happy. I’m relieved to be free. She’s relieved not to be linked to anyone else or to have anyone tied to her. Smile as you look up at the sky.

“I’m in love,” she says out loud.

True Love Never Dies

The Boy in The Bed

He hasn’t returned to sleep. He senses that she is not yet ready for him to join in on the moment as he raises his head and sees her nude forehead in front of the mirror. So close your eyes and pretend to sleep once more.

He hears her giggle, sees her change into her robe, tiptoe into the kitchen, make coffee, and close the curtains… He is fascinated with the noises he refers to as music.

Like the music they were listening to last night while conversing and laughing over a bottle of wine. Until she kissed him suddenly. He kissed her again after that. Her beauty drew him in, as did her manner of thinking.

He removed his shirt. He removed his own. They went on like this for what seemed like hours, until they were naked in bed with one other. He believed he was capable of falling in love with her. In fact, he wondered if he had already done so, and if she shared his sentiments.

When the noises from the kitchen have died down, he gets up, puts on his underwear, and walks into the living room, where he finds her sitting calmly in the house’s doorway. While eating bread with jam and coffee, the sun illuminates everything. It appears to be giggling.

He intends to irritate her. Tell him you’re hungry as well and that he’s welcome to share his toast. But he doesn’t, because he appears to be so content and free. He leans against the wall instead, admiring her from afar. Consider the truth that she will never be his, that she will never be his. That’s all right.

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Because she just said, “I’m in love.

True Love Never Dies

The Only Thing True Love Never Does To You

Perhaps the last anecdote made it apparent to you, or perhaps it didn’t, but in either case, it’s vital to remember:

True love never puts you in a box, never forbids you from doing something, never tries to alter you, and never gives you or anyone else the right to do anything.

People frequently believe they are due something as a result of the social role they have chosen. If someone agrees to be someone’s friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband, for example, they believe they are entitled to certain benefits from that person. If someone accepts the role of parent, they believe they are entitled to their children’s respect. When someone accepts the role of client, they believe they are entitled to have their demands addressed.

Life, on the other hand, does not have to owe you anything. This is especially true when it comes to love.

We have a tendency to equate love with restrictions.

  • It will change if you love me.
  • You will do what I hope you will if you desire me.

That, however, is not love. It’s a far cry from the real thing.

True Love is Forever. True Love is Free.

True Love Never Dies

Allowing ourselves to be free is, in reality, what brings two individuals together entirely. We may recognise and appreciate the most beautiful aspects of a relationship when we are not pushed or locked into it. You can think to yourself, “He’s perfect for me.”

He isn’t ideal in his actions, views, or appearance. It’s almost ideal in terms of how it fits into your life, how its edges fill in the spaces, how its body rests on yours, and how your voices all flow in the same direction.

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You can obviously tell that you don’t have any boundaries between you, and you both chuckle at how you thought you did. And you laugh once more because you are free to be yourself. Both together and separately.

You can choose to discover perfection in the other in this freedom. Your happiness is important to the other in this freedom, and compromises are made. And that doesn’t always imply that you’re a part of it. And that’s perfectly fine.

That is why loving and being loved is so wonderful. Because the love you feel is something you choose to feel. Because true love allows you to do so.

You both understand that tying or attempting to possess the other is equivalent to murdering a portion of that individual. Something heavenly and human comes up within you, keeping you alive and free. And he does not ask for anything in return for anything he receives.

As a result, you choose to be both free and emotionally linked. This does not imply that you pass each other, on the contrary. I treasure your space and independence since I respect and admire you so much.

True Love and True Freedom

True Love Never Dies

Allowing others to be who they are rather than trying to modify them to match our selfish ideals about how they should be is the core of love. The people you care about require understanding and support, not someone who can tell them how to behave.

A happy and healthy relationship accepts each other for who they are. Recognize that troubles will inevitably arise in any relationship, just as physical difficulties would inevitably arise as we age. We may not desire these issues, but we can deal with them, avoid situations that make us furious, and establish tactics to help us grow and conquer them.

“When choosing a long-term partner, you will inevitably be choosing a particular set of problems that you will deal with for the next 10, 20 or 50 years.” – Dan Wile

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