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The Pros and Cons of Swimming Pool Covers

by Blaky
Pros and Cons of Swimming Pool Covers

Is it Reasonable to Cover the Swimming Pool in Summer?

It’s cold, and the only thing you want is to stay and enjoy the warmth and comfort that your new home offers you.

When winter arrives, the pool that you so eagerly enjoyed in summer takes a back seat to the drop in temperatures, which indicates that the time has come to consider whether or not to put pool covers. Suppose you have not decided yet. We invite you below to read the pros and cons of a covered pool.

Pros of Swimming Pool Covers

The covers allow us to cover the pool in summer, winter, or any time of the year that brings a period of inactivity to keep them clean and protected.

Doubts if it is good to cover the pool in summer or winter? Take note of the advantages of covering a pool and decide:

    • Greater saving water: the covers for pools clog the water surface, thus reducing evaporation.
    • Greater cleaning: covering the pool in summer prevents leaves, branches, insects, or any debris that leads to permanent maintenance. 
    • Greater safety: a pool with a cover will prevent anyone from falling into the pool by accident. Pets often end up soaked in the water when walking near pools that are not covered.
    • Greater conservation of heat: covers help keep warm pools heated Independent of the system you use to heat water (electricity, gas.), which will increase energy savings considerably.

Cons of Swimming Pool Covers

Buying a pool cover includes several factors that end up causing inconveniences that you did not expect. Among the most common, we highlight the following:

    • They are not always cheap: depending on the size of your pool, buying a cover to cover the pool can be expensive. The investment is indeed worth it because it is a durable product, but until you pay it back, it can be a significant pinch on your pocket.
    • Not suitable for small spaces: tarps are bulky and take up a lot of space. It is convenient that you reserve a specific place for them and, in this way, prevent them from breaking because they are not protected.
    • It is not a matter of five minutes: the larger the dimensions of the pool, the more difficult it will be to cover it, and the more time you will spend on this task. However, rollers allow the tarps to be extended without the risk of falling into the water. Due to carelessness or lack of tension, but they also involve additional expense.

Prepare Your Swimming Pool so that You can Enjoy it at any Time of the Year

What are you waiting for to buy your home with a pool? So that you can live as you have always dreamed of in residential areas with all the comforts you need in your day-to-day life.

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