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Step by Step How to Make a Snack Table Out of a Tire

by Blaky
How to Make a Snack Table Out of a Tire

It’s essential to have a lovely and cozy room where you can enjoy tiny moments, which is why we’ve created this article in which we show you how to manufacture an appetizer table out of a half-used tire. Let’s get started!

What You Need Is:


  • Brush
  • pleximeter
  • Pencil
  • Mouse sander
  • paletin
  • Marker pen
  • keyhole saw
  • Driver drill
  • Pair of scissors


  • Mounting adhesive
  • Wood Ribbons
  • Wood
  • Tire
  • Paintwork
  • Wood screws

Step by Step Instructions

1. Cut The Tire

Go for it! The first step in making your new snack table is to prepare the tire you’ll be working with. You just need half of a tire, so cut it horizontally and save one half.

Draw a line around the eraser using a highlighter marker to keep the half that interests you. After that, create the first incision with a cutter and insert a wooden block to make working easier. Spray a little water on the area where you’ll insert the cutter to make cutting simpler.

Now that you’ve cut the rubber, it’s time to clean it. Remove all possible pollutants with a stiff bristle brush and thoroughly clean the tire. Even if the dirt is deeply embedded, you can remove it with an anti-grease treatment.

2. Measure and Cut The Wood

After you’ve chopped and cleaned the tire, you may concentrate on the wood parts. For the tabletop, you’ll need two concentric circular pieces, one larger and one smaller, as well as four legs.

Measure the diameter of the tire and transfer that size to a wooden board for the largest circular piece. Make a compass out of a piece of wood and trace the circle. To accomplish this, gently screw it into the board. Remember that you don’t need to drill the bottom piece; simply rotate the strip. Now you must drill a hole at a distance equal to the radius of the circle you want to draw from the screw.

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Then, using a pencil, trace the perimeter of the strip through the hole. This method works well for a variety of tire-related jobs.

To make the little piece, repeat the technique. Calculate the dimensions using a wine bottle and a glass as a guide. To do so, position both items on the outer margins of the tire’s inner hole and measure the distance between them. Transfer the measurement to a wooden board, trace the circumference, then use a jigsaw to cut both parts.

3. Paint The Wood

It’s time to beautify your table; to do so, use a brush and paint in the color of your choice to paint all of the wood parts. Remember to wipe away the dust from sanding the wood with a towel and protect the surface you’ll be working on.

Important information! To guarantee that your table lasts as long as possible, we recommend selecting stain- and moisture-resistant paint.

4. Put The Pieces Together

Now you must wait for the wood to dry, and after it has, it is time to assemble the various components of your new table. Begin by using mounting adhesive to attach the two circular sections together. Apply a bead of product to the bottom of the smaller piece of wood and push it against the larger piece for a few seconds.

Mark the location where the four table legs will be placed and secure them with screws using a drill driver once the adhesive has dried completely. It is recommended that you first drill a small hole through the two pieces to be linked with a fine drill bit to prevent the wood from splitting.

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You can use self-adhesive felt under the legs to prevent the table from scratching the floor. Furthermore, these felt pieces will aid in the correction of any unevenness that may have occurred throughout the leg cutting process.

We’re almost there! Once the legs are in place, use more mounting adhesive to adhere the tire to the frame. Apply a bead of product around the inner edge of the rubber on your work surface, the region that will be in contact with the wood. Place the wooden frame on top of this, upside down, with the legs pointing up.

Everything is set! What are your thoughts on the outcome? You will undoubtedly enjoy spending time with your new side table, which will look stunning in your home.

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