Step-by-Step Guide to Plant Onions with and without Seeds

How to Grow Onions

Despite popular belief, planting onions can be done in two simple ways. As a result, you will have a fully functional garden and be able to guarantee a nutritious diet for your family.

We’ll go over the steps you need to take to successfully plant onions in your garden. You will see that growing this vegetable, the star of so many dishes, does not require you to be a gardening expert.

We’ll show you how to grow onions either from seed or transplants so you can pick whichever method works best for you. Here we go, take heed!

Why Plant Onions?

We’d like to delve a little into the why before continuing with the onion planting guide. One of the most widely eaten vegetables in the world will be within easy reach. If you grow this ingredient in your own garden, you can use it whenever you need it in your cooking, knowing that it is both fresh and properly cultivated.

Contrarily, it’s worth noting that onions contain minerals, trace elements, and vitamins that are all good for you. Because of its composition, it supports healthy blood flow, lymphatic drainage, lymphatic drainage, lymphatic drainage, digestion, purification, and respiratory function.

How to Plant Onions Without Seeds?

You can still grow onions from tubers if you don’t have onion seeds. The only other things you’ll need are your onions, some good soil, and pots no more than 20 centimeters deep.

Step by Step to Grow Onions

How to Grow Onion

Please proceed as outlined below for everything else.

  • Inspect your planters to ensure they have adequate draining holes. If that doesn’t work, a hot, pointed object can be used to unlock them.
  • Put the purchased substrate into the container.
  • If you want to make sure your onion is properly sliced, cut it at the bottom and leave about 3 centimeters.
  • The onion buds that will be needed for the plant to grow are located in this section.
  • When planting, lay the cuttings flat on the ground and cover them with soil (4 to 5 centimeters).
  • Move your container somewhere bright and water it regularly without drowning the soil.
  • The first sprouts from your planted buds will appear after 15 days.
  • Saturating the soil before transplanting will help ensure that the roots survive once the shoots have matured.
  • Spread the seeds out, making sure there are 8-9 centimeters between each sprout. The ideal depth of a root system is about 4 centimeters.
  • Your onions will be ready to harvest after four months, and you can use them however you like.
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How to Plant Onion Seeds?

Growing onions from seed is another option. One can purchase these from a garden center or nursery. The process of reproducing it is straightforward, but additional materials, like coconut fiber and potting soil, are needed to grow the seeds.

Step by Step to Grow Onions

How to Grow Onions

  • Make sure your containers have adequate draining holes.
  • You should put the substrate in the container.
  • Combine the onion seeds and coconut fiber and then scatter the resulting mixture across the substrate.
  • In order to maintain a healthy humidity level, water the pot.
  • If you want to see how your seeds grow, wait a week.
  • From there on out, you’ll need to provide ample water and light for your onions to thrive.
  • Hold off on eating those onions for a few more months until you’ve harvested your crop.

Basic Care of Your Onion Plants

Onion care is one of the easiest plant care tasks. They need between seven and eight hours of sunlight per day, as we discussed earlier.

In addition, you should plant your onions on a substrate that has a lot of organic matter and minerals and drains well. Since it is a plant that needs a lot of water but can’t handle too much, irrigation is also crucial.

Last but not least, if you don’t have a garden to move your young plants to, use very deep pots to ensure proper development of the tuber you’ll harvest for later consumption.

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