Shower vs. Bathtub: Pros & Cons: Which One to Choose?

Shower vs Bathtub

What to choose for home – a bath or a shower? It is an eternal stumbling block in family councils and fertile ground in business forums. But how many copies do not break, but the truth is still somewhere in between. Bathtubs and hydro boxes are so different in functionality and design that it makes sense to consider their advantages and disadvantages only in the context of a specific situation and not in general. Choosing between bath and shower is a matter of personal priority. The main thing is to place the accents correctly: it will immediately become apparent in which cases it is better to buy a compact shower box and in which it is better to buy a volumetric font.


Shower vs Bathtub

  • A refreshing quick shower. The shower is ideal for a hasty morning gathering, allows you to freshen up or invigorate quickly, and is perfect for an active rhythm of life. A comfortable shower is a must in the bathroom.
  • Compactness. You can install the shower area anywhere, even in a small space. The shower will undoubtedly fit into both spacious and compact bathrooms. You will find the right size among the variety of pallets presented in the catalog.
  • Convenience and individuality. You can create a super valuable private space in the shower, thanks to the shelves for cosmetics or hygiene accessories, or thanks to the comfortable seat if you want to stay there longer. Anything is possible.
  • Hydromassage function. Why not turn your shower stall into a spa? It is possible thanks to the hydromassage function. Massaging jets, essential oils, and light mist will give you an unforgettable experience right in the shower.
  • Luxurious Italian shower. The shower space doesn’t have to be cramped. Plus, many of us dream of an Italian (open) soul. The freedom of movement, XXL dimensions, built-in mixer, and ultra-thin tray are mesmerizing!
  • Saving water. The shower is unrivaled in terms of water-saving. An average of 60 liters is consumed at one time, three times less than when taking a bath. The shower is as environmentally friendly as possible, especially if you equip it with an economical shower mixer, such as a thermostatic one.
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Shower vs Bathtub

  • Lazing in the bath is an incomparable pleasure. What a joy to plunge into a warm bath! She gives you relaxing or invigorating treatments every day—foam, candles, music, essential oils. Just a few accessories are enough to feel like a princess even in the bathroom.
  • Space optimization. A variety of shower columns and accessories will optimize the space in the face of tight space savings and make it possible to take either a bath or a shower to choose from.
  • Ideal equipment for the whole family. If you have children, then a bath is a must for bathing babies. It also allows all family members to tidy themselves up in one place. And when the children leave the parent’s nest, you can think about replacing the bathtub with a shower stall.
  • Possibility of creating a space for hydrotherapy. The whirlpool tub allows you to transform your bath into a moment of sophistication. Air bubbles, jets of water, and changing light, depending on the parameters of the hot tub, will allow you to create a true home spa.
  • Unique design. Baths give you an unlimited choice of styles. Freestanding bathtubs, vintage clawfoot bathtubs, designer bathtubs – you can choose the one that’s right for you. The suitable mixers can even make the bathtub the centerpiece of the interior.

Space and comfort. The bathtub does not require a curtain or shower enclosure, and nothing prevents you from taking in the entire area. Happy owners of a large bathroom with a window will appreciate the absence of obstructions and the opportunity to admire the horizon.

Bath or Shower: Which is Best for You?

It is not always possible to unequivocally answer the more practical question – a bath or a shower installation.

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When choosing plumbing equipment, it is essential to consider the layout of the bathroom and the personal history of the owner and his family: lifestyle, habits, tastes, health, etc. If the bathroom is large enough, it is better to put both plumbing fixtures in it. In some cases, you can limit yourself to one bathroom. 

Here are the typical situations where baths are most appropriate: 

  • The family has small children who like to splash in the mini-pool.
  • You value comfort, relaxation, and pleasure.
  • You have enough time for bathing procedures.

A shower box will be a good choice for small apartments with an en-suite bathroom and for busy people who have every minute scheduled all day. There is no need to shell out a large sum for expensive plumbing, which is no time to use. If you have a small bathroom, and all family members are tall, you should prefer a hydro box to a bathtub. It will still not work to put a plumbing fixture of the right size in a cramped room, but it will free up a couple of square meters. 

When deciding which to prefer – a bath or shower box, do not go on about the first impulse. Be sure to listen to all household members’ wishes because you and your family will use the bathroom or box. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of all the options for each family member, you will surely make the right choice that you will not have to regret!

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