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Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas from A to Z

by Blaky
Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Traditionally, three countries are considered to be Scandinavian: Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The severity of the climate and the diversity of the natural world reflects in the Scandinavian interior – simple geometric shapes, natural materials, and light. Sometimes even cold tones make this style so unlike others. Recently, he managed to fall in love with many and gained momentum in popularity, and not least because we can use it in a kitchen of any size, and it will fit perfectly into the interior of a small kitchen! In addition, the Scandinavian design looks great in kitchens that are combined with the living room. Today we will analyze the key features of this style, reveal Scandinavian decoration’s secrets and techniques, and find out what needs to be done for your kitchen to become a natural Scandinavian oasis.

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Well, let’s outline the main features of a Scandinavian-style kitchen:

  • Light colors with bright splashes
  • Many sources of natural and artificial lighting
  • Natural materials
  • The severity of forms, including furniture
  • Functionality and utility of each thing
  • Minimum decor, maximum free space

50 Shades of White

The Scandinavians compensate for the short daylight hours and the frequent sunlight with light finishes and furniture. Of course, the primary color in a Scandinavian interior is white and all its variations. White color will expand the space in a small kitchen, refresh the room and add airiness to the interior. And to avoid the “hospital” effect, it can be diluted or replaced with light blue, gray, any shades of beige, lavender, or mint, and in details and accents – bright yellow, blue or green. Read more about the design of a white kitchen here.

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Suppose you combine your kitchen with the living room. In that case, the zones can be delimited by different color schemes (simultaneously, it is better to let them be various shades of the same color) and combine them with common motives in the decor, which we will discuss below. It is necessary to ensure that the color of the walls contrasts with the color of the furniture. Take a look at the combination of absolutely white walls and black furniture – it looks awe-inspiring and fresh.

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Finishing Floors and Walls

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

  • The eco-friendly design will accentuate a plank floor or a light-colored laminate reminiscent of massive boards.
  • The combination of light walls and a dark, even black floor will look spectacular.
  • Tiles are an excellent alternative to wood flooring. Choose tiles in light, cool shades.
  • In the decoration of the walls, you can stop at a light gray, white, or paint the color of eggshells or baked milk.
  • Wallpaper is also suitable, but in choosing, it is better to stop at traditional Swedish firms who know firsthand what Scandinavian design is, for example, such as Boråstapeter and ECO wallpaper. Wallpaper can be either monochromatic or contain a pattern – in this case. You can beat it with other details in the kitchen’s interior.

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

By the way, if you decide to glue the wallpaper with a pattern, it is better to do it on one wall and make the rest monochromatic so that the interior does not turn out to be too active. We can borrow the idea of ​​brickwork from the Loft style, but only partially so as not to make the interior too “industrial.” If you have a kitchen-living room, then we can combine their design just with the help of overlapping brickwork in different zones.

Let There Be Light

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

In a Scandinavian-style kitchen, you will always see large windows and light curtains made of lightweight material. It will be most authentic not to hang curtains at all (as in the photo below), but if there is another house opposite with curious neighbors or you prefer privacy, then you cannot do without them.

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Often the color of the windows has something in common with the color of the flooring. Even if the windows in your kitchen are small, you can curtain them with light curtains to make the room even brighter.

The Scandinavian interior is characterized by another integral part – many sources of artificial lighting. Take care not only of your chandelier but also of spotlights and floor lamps. It is precisely the lamps that can become that bright accent color, different from the white color of the walls and furniture. At the same time, chandeliers can be of the most futuristic shapes, or, conversely, they can blow with a retro-style – take inspiration from the photo!


Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

The minimum of furniture, and the one that is, is functional, even in large spaces. The kitchen and dining group will be made from natural materials, most often from wood, without any frills. What comes to mind first when you mention Scandinavian design? Of course, this is the Swedish company IKEA and their corporate identity, thanks to which the concept of Swedish-style cuisine has spread. It is worth relying on their catalogs when arranging such a kitchen. The facades of the kitchen unit can be completely white, and their countertop will decorate them in a contrasting color, for example, black.

It is also necessary to avoid “merging” into one white spot. The handles on the headset are simple, metal, or absent altogether. It is noteworthy that the surface of furniture and appliances is often glossy and thus reflects light. You can try this technique in a small kitchen: glossy cabinets, chrome appliances, and an abundance of metal surfaces will visually expand the space and look modern.

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In the Scandinavian interior, tables and chairs are made of light wood, with minimal processing, or vice versa, in bright colors.

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

Plastic will dilute the naturalness of the interior well. Often a bar counter acts as a substitute for a large dining table – is it not an option for a small kitchen, where every meter counts?

If simplicity is valued in the kitchen decoration, then in the decoration, there is where to roam! It is the décor that breathes life into this Nordic design and makes it playful. For example, you can decorate the walls with colorful posters, the floors with a bright carpet, and do not forget about pleasant-looking textiles: unusual towels, pillows, and covers on chairs and windowsills. In the kitchen-living room, textiles can overlap in different areas: the same pads, rugs in a similar style, and much more. And don’t forget the minimalistic watch! Arrange the pots of plants, even if you don’t like caring for them, because you can choose something unpretentious.

So why do we love Scandinavian design? Because he manages to successfully balance between the coldness of the high-tech, the simplicity of the Provence style, and at the same time, remains a modern classic. We love it because it fits perfectly in small kitchens that are combined with the living room, thanks to its light colors and ergonomics of the space. It turns out that a Scandinavian-style kitchen is the choice of a modern person who loves freedom and is looking for tranquility in the interior with a touch of mischief.

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