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Scandinavian Kitchen Design: A Guide for Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas & Inspirations

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Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

A Scandinavian-style kitchen is an excellent option for those who like cleanliness, space, and coolness. Such a Northern European interior resembles only fallen untouched snow. So naturally, it also has gray, blue, beige splashes, but white plays the main role here. More details about the characteristic features of the Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen will be described below.

Features of the Scandinavian Kitchen

The Scandinavian style is borrowed from the inhabitants of the cold North. Most of the landscapes of Norway, Sweden, Denmark are snow-capped peaks, icy rivers, winding fjords, a haze of fog, sparkling frost on the trees, and bright lights in the windows of compact houses. Thus, nature itself inspires people to use the usual frosty shades in the interior. Saturated berry-fruit colors seem completely alien exotic here, but the clear tones of water, mountain ranges, and the sky look very appropriate.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

The Scandinavian style is characterized by simplicity, conciseness, clear lines, and an abundance of light. The sun is a rare guest in the northern regions, so its absence is compensated by many spotlights, glowing ribbons, lamps. Glossy white, silver, mirrors, glass, chrome surfaces reflect the rays, making the house more spacious and filling it with freshness.

Choosing a Color for a Scandinavian Kitchen

The Scandinavian design suggests a calm gamut, but this is not a harsh black and white modern or industrial loft. On the contrary, it is closer to nature, so natural inclusions are allowed here: pinkish-golden rays of sunset, greenish shades of the forest, the deep blue of lakes, marble play of stones. To make the interior of a Scandinavian-style kitchen harmonious, you can use a palette of colors and textures from a winter Northern European landscape.

White Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

Pure, without any impurities, this color is an indispensable backdrop for Scandinavian style. White must be present in the decoration of the ceiling and, preferably, the walls. It can be mirror-smooth or matte, fluffy.

Pastel Color Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

When the reflection of the sunset falls on the snow and the light gray clouds are tinted with purple-pink and gold, it is time for winter magic. Northern lights will look great as decorative accents but are best used for lighting. Overflows from violet to sunny yellow can be easily recreated using colored bulbs.

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Gray Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

In Norwegian landscapes, it takes up a lot of space: overhanging clouds, fog, darkening evening forest, sheer cliffs, stones, roads, and streams. On the one hand, gray can be metallic, glossy. On the other hand, it can be slightly rough or smoky-tuberous, silver, translucent, or almost black. All this allows you to unconditionally combine gray in decoration, technology, furniture, and decor.

Blue Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

The deep color of dark water or the cooling heavenly color, in any case, should be smooth. It can serve as an unusual contrasting background for a white, steel, or wooden headset. Furniture, ceramics, wall decorations of cold blue shades look very beautiful.

Bleached Wood Color Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

The texture of clarified oak, spruce, pine gives the Scandinavian interior of the kitchen tranquility, makes it warmer and more comfortable. This color can be used to decorate parquet floors, headset facades, door leaves, window frames, countertops, dining areas, wall fragments, or beams on the ceiling.

Green Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

In Scandinavia, it is represented by shades of conifers, moss, and water. Intersperses of pastel or bluish-green should be small. Otherwise, the style of the kitchen will smoothly turn into Provence.

Scandinavian Kitchen Materials and Finishes

In creating an aesthetic design, the color and the texture of surfaces play a significant role. Among the wide variety of finishing materials, it is easy to get confused, but the result will certainly please show creative ingenuity.


Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

When choosing a floor covering for a kitchen, it is worth remembering that it will probably have to be washed often. Due to its low moisture resistance, it is better to place the laminate away from the stove and sink. Ceramic tiles, artificial stone, linoleum, the self-leveling floor will be appropriate in the cooking area. Natural parquet in the color of bleached oak and boards painted with white or gray paint also look very harmonious here.

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For a small kitchen in the Scandinavian style, a plain floor, black and white checkerboard, patchwork tiles are suitable. The last two options can be used for finishing the apron.


Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

The Scandinavian style provides for boiling white walls without unnecessary frills. Their design should be as simple as possible. Uniform whitewashing, painting, smooth vinyl wallpaper, glazed ceramic tiles look great in a small kitchen.

It is better to make the apron non-marking. For example, use brickwork, revet the surface with artificial granite or marble, stick a film with a black and gray geometric pattern. Interestingly, in the niche between the worktop, hob, sink, and upper cabinets, a colored or monochromatic white mosaic, as well as patchwork tiles, will look.


Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

To visually increase the vertical space, it is advisable to make a small kitchen ceiling in the Scandinavian style light. For this, paint, matte stretch film, or white slatted siding are suitable.


Light, translucent curtains or light roman blinds on the windows will help to harmoniously complete the design of the kitchen; cotton or linen achromatic tablecloth (white, gray, in black and white small cage); narrow paths, woven carpets; sofa cushions for the dining area in rich colors or white with ethnic embroidery.

Scandinavian Style Kitchen Furniture and Appliances

To be pleasant in the kitchen, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of furniture and appliances. These things should be reliable, functional and beautiful, while not taking up much space.

Kitchen Set

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

You should raise the ceiling visually, the doors should be rectangular and elongated upward, and horizontal elements will help expand the narrow wall. To make the most of the vertical space, the headset should be high, almost to the ceiling.

Dinner Zone

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

A distinctive feature of Scandinavian-style furniture is its simplicity and correct lines. The design of the table and chairs is light enough but durable. Thin wooden or metal, steel-colored legs can be located exactly at the corners of the product or be slightly offset to the center, forming a trapezoid.

To equip a comfortable dining area, compact corner sofas in white, gray, blue, blue are also used. In addition, bright decorative pillows can be placed on them.

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Storage Systems

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

Laconic Nordic design implies cleanliness and order. Closing structures do the best with this. There should be as few open shelves as possible so that the items placed on them do not create a feeling of clutter.

Built-in appliances and various pull-out, folding, transforming shelves and drawers will help save space in a small kitchen.


Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

Choosing a Scandinavian-style refrigerator is very easy to make. Classic white, silver, chrome colors will fit perfectly into a winter interior. However, this miracle of technology does not take up much space, and it is worth giving preference to compact, built-in models with flat doors.

A small refrigerator can be built into the headset at eye height, placed under the hob or window. If possible, at the stage of construction or redevelopment for a refrigerator, it is worth equipping a niche in the wall.

Scandinavian Style Kitchen Decor

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

Although the harsh northern climate leaves its mark on the interior, making it very restrained, it will not work without cute little things to make the kitchen cozy at home.

Black and white paintings and posters can be used as decorations, and in New Year’s time, slightly snow-covered cones, fir branches, candles, stones. It makes sense to borrow skins, knitted items from thick sheep’s yarn, traditional multi-colored embroidery ornaments from Scandinavian household items.

Glossy ceramics, figures of northern birds and animals, crystal dishes will look beautiful on open shelves.

Lighting in the Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas

In addition to natural sunlight, which should easily enter the room through translucent white curtains, you need to take care of its electrical “substitute.”

For a Scandinavian-style kitchen, economical point LEDs are perfect (they can be mounted in the ceiling and a headset), compact spherical bulbs in ordinary black sockets, and hanging chandeliers in the form of bells, snowballs, cobwebs.

Find inspiration for your Scandinavian kitchen design in our article.

It contains a collection of the best decoration, furniture arrangement, appliances, and decorations in the interior.

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