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Safety 1st Store ’N Go No-Back Car Seat Review

by Blaky
Safety 1st Store ’N Go No-Back Car Seat Review

Sometimes children prefer the vehicle seat back, yet need a seat booster for their height and to fulfill requirements. As a parent, it becomes difficult to know which booster is the best from the ones in the market. The Safety 1st Store ’N Go No-Back Car Seat is one such backless seat booster that comes in bright colors and a comfortable and soft cushion for the hips that keeps your child cozy and most importantly, safe. With a good range of weight and height accommodation, this car seat booster comes with comfortable armrests on both sides, along with an attached cup/snack holder. With the convenience of a low back shoulder belt guide/clip, it makes it simple and quick to attach your vehicle seat belt to the booster, securing the child in place even when the car jerk stops. It is the backless seat booster that your child will love.

Has a low back shoulder belt guide/clip

Armrests present on both sides

Cup/snack holder provided

Bright colors

Compact and lightweight
Base width is non-adjustable

High Back provision is absent


  • The booster supports a weight range of children from 40-100 lbs and a height range of 43-57 inches.
  • The lightweight backless booster weighs only 5 lbs and has an overall base seat width of 18 inches. The base width is non-adjustable.
  • The attached armrests on both sides and a cup/snack holder make it very convenient to use while in the car, while its bright and vivid colors make it attractive to kids.
  • A low back shoulder belt guide/clip is attached for ease of attaching the seat belt of the vehicle onto your child when they sit on the booster.

Special Features:

  • Convenience:

With an attached cup/snack holder and low back shoulder belt guide/clip, it is the all-in-one seat booster every parent is looking for. Being light in weight, it is very easy to carry, and due to its small size, it is very convenient to leave it in the car without any hassle simply. With armrests on both sides, it makes for a comfortable booster that your child wouldn’t want to get off.

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