Modern Interior Door Design: Which One is in Fashion Today?

Modern Interior Door Design

In door design, as in other interior areas, current trends change from time to time. It is currently challenging to single out one leading style, but there are two main directions.

We are happy to choose top models in a modern or Scandinavian style because such trends are popular. As it turns out, what’s inside the door is very important! Design is crucial and often determines the comfort of use of a given room. For example, a door to an office or bedroom should provide soundproofing of the room, providing comfort for work and rest.

Modern Interior Door Design

The best choice for such “quiet” interiors will be door leaves made of slabs without glazing with appropriate filling, for example, chipboard or perforated chipboard. In turn, intensive use should be an indicator for choosing a door frame with a good surface finish that is highly durable.

Slat and Frame Doors – What’s the Difference?

Modern Interior Door Design

The basis for the construction of interior panel doors is a frame made of glued wood, which is the frame of the leaf. The frame itself will create a too fragile structure, so it is necessary to use a filler that performs a stabilizing function and is additionally capable of soundproofing when instead of an economic “honeycomb,” we choose a more expensive option – chipboard or perforated chipboard.

We do not select the fill in the leaves of the frame. Their construction consists of two vertical and several (or ten) horizontal frames made of laminated wood or MDF, joined together like puzzles, between which panels or glass panels are mounted in many combinations. Thanks to this, we can obtain various door models that emphasize the character of the premises – fully glazed for the living room, without glazing for the bedroom, or partially glazed for the toilet or bathroom.

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Frame Doors – A Universal Choice for Any Room

Modern Interior Door Design

The most significant advantage of a frame door is its strength and durability—ideal for intensive use. Variety is also a considerable advantage – framed doors are available in a modern minimalist style and a more decorative, classic style.

Simple flat panels and glass interposed between vertical and horizontal door frames reinforce the rigidity of the entire structure. They fit perfectly into the modern trends of modernist minimalism and are very popular with both buyers and interior designers. Lovers of the classics will like the decorative profiled profile. These are versatile, strong proposals, fashionable for years.

Slat Doors – A Solution for Every Home

Modern Interior Door Design

In the primary, most economical version of panel doors, cardboard filling is used, the so-called. “Honeycomb.” This stabilizing insert with a characteristic hexagonal structure gives the sash rigidity and reduces its weight. Doors with such parameters are perfect for the door to the living room or children’s room. Their cost does not overwhelm us so that we can change them with every new fashion trend. However, the level of sound attenuation may not be satisfactory. Slightly more expensive, but an excellent solution for interiors requiring sound insulation will be doors filled with chipboard or chipboard.

Silent Interior Doors

Modern Interior Door Design

When choosing interior doors, we often do not think about checking technical parameters, such as sound insulation. It is a big mistake. In advance, it is worth considering which rooms require complete soundproofing and which it is enough to insert a door with a cheaper filling. Internal panel doors with chipboard filling will provide a satisfactory level of sound insulation. Remote workers will appreciate the ability to live in a quiet environment that is out of the reach of everyday noise. Door leaves with such filling will also provide relaxation in the bedroom and keep the music in the teenager’s room.

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Doors without Rebate

Rebate doors are a hit of interior design in recent years. They will work well in modern and even industrial environments. What is unique about them? After they are closed, the hinges are not visible, and the sash surface is flush with the frame. It produces a stunning aesthetic result that is elegant and minimalistic. This type of door requires corresponding 3D hinges and a unique door frame without a rebate. The frames are adjustable so that they can adapt to any wall thickness. Wide paint stripes covering the wall give a modern, elegant look. Door frames are available in many colors.

A rebated door has a distinctive cut edge of the sash that overlaps the frame. They are especially great for interiors decorated in a classic style. The main advantages of this solution are a simple design, lower requirements for vertical walls in the interior, a simple door assembly technique, and a straightforward way to adjust the hinges. Rebated doors have characteristic curves and edges that emphasize their beautiful classic shape.

Sliding Door

Modern Interior Door Design

An alternative to traditional doors is sliding models, which are well suited for small spaces, where every centimeter of space is valuable. Manufacturers offer in-wall doors in wall systems (plasterboard required) and sliding doors in-wall systems. In the latter, no masonry work is assembly needs.

Customized Solutions

Modern Interior Door Design

The door leaves can decorate with a mirror or a magnetic board. Mirrored doors are very stylish and are suitable for both small and large apartments. In the first, they will optically add space and illuminate it. In the larger ones, they will allow interesting interior experiments. Magnetic doors with a blackboard are an excellent solution for a kitchen – a focal point in every home, a meeting place for all household members. A shopping list, quick recipe, or information for family members are the most common applications.

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The board will also work well for our children’s room. A small child who is a few years old and then a teenager will finally have a place for his small and big ideas – drawing with chalk, sticking small souvenirs, and then school notes, timetables, or photos with friends. The possibilities are almost endless.

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