Liquid Hair – Meet The Latest Hair Trend of This Year

Liquid Hair

Whatever you’ve heard about “liquid hair,” the truth is that you’ve seen it a million times on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Smooth, lustrous hair that makes you want to stroke it. You’ve probably seen it, but do you know what the current trend’s name is? It is, in fact, what is referred to as liquid hair. The current fashion trend is sweeping celebs. Blanca Suárez, Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian, and our queen, Letizia, all have this trend in their hair. This hairstyle has taken off because of all of the celebs and influencers, and it is now making its way into our homes. You can do it for yourself as well.

Characteristics of Liquid Hair

Liquid Hair

Although it appears to be a highly recent and current style, the truth is that we witnessed this trend in the 1990s. Because, as you are well aware, fashion is cyclical and everything comes back around. We’ll see a lot of high, polished pigtails this season, which will remind us a lot of the 90s look. And while we’re on the subject of the 1990s, everything from that decade is making a comeback this year. All of the nineties styles are back, like profiled and ultra-shiny lips, nuanced cheekbones, slip dresses (or what is the same, lingerie-type garment), and more.

Returning to the topic of hair, the key feature of this trend is liquid hair’s ultra-soft, lustrous, and fluid finish. The goal is for the mane to appear healthy and glossy. The separation should be worn in the middle, and the rest is straightforward. To show off beautiful hair, smooth your hair like aboard.

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On black hair, this method stands out the most since it frames the face and is quite showy. This hairstyle is also used by Queen Letizia, albeit she does so with huge waves at the ends.

As a result, the liquid hair illusion is just partial, but the combination is stunning. Jennifer López, on the other hand, has gone for full liquid hair and looks just stunning!

Liquid Hair

For oval faces, attractive eyes, and angular faces, this trend is ideal. For round or square faces, however, you need to pay closer attention because a haircut without polishing may not appear nice.

How to Get The Liquid Hair?

If you want this effect on your hair, a Keratin treatment is the best option. Keratin is advised even if you have naturally straight hair since it produces an exceptionally polished finish. However, if you don’t want or can’t have this treatment for whatever reason, there are other possibilities. This look can be achieved with goods found in any drugstore, which we have listed below.

Liquid Hair

Shampoo for Straight Hair

We must carefully prepare the hair before beginning to utilize the procedure. Invest in a specific shampoo for straight hair; it will help your hair stay silky and frizz-free.

Perfect Smooth Conditioner

It is one of the most important products for achieving the flawless and clean finish that we desire.

Liquid Hair Straightening Spray

If you want to look like a celebrity, this is the first step you must take. It’s critical to use a straightening spray before applying heat. It will help to discipline your hair, eliminate frizz, and make it smoother.

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Hair Iron

Investing in a good flat iron is vital for this appearance as well as the quality of your hair in general. On the market, there are infinite irons that aim to be gentle with your hair while providing a lot of shine.

Keratin Anti-Frizz Serum

After you’ve run the iron through your hair, use a finishing product to apply to the middle and ends. A product that helps you minimize and control frizz while also adding shine would be excellent.

Anti-Frizz Wipes for Liquid Hair

There are anti-frizz wipes, yes you read that correctly. Did you know who they were? It’s one of the newest goods on the market, and the reality is that it’s the most practical option. They’re convenient to keep in your bag, and if your hair becomes frizzy for any reason, all you have to do is grab a washcloth and rub it through your hair. The frizz is removed by wrapping a towel over large strands and passing it around each thread. It appears to be nearly magical, yet it is not.

You may have healthy, attractive, flawless, and lustrous hair this spring/summer with products that are accessible for practically everyone without having great hairstyling skills. Don’t be scared to experiment with different hairstyles to determine which one you prefer, because, at the end of the day, that is what matters.

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