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How to Turn The Terrace into a Garden: Tips & Tricks

by Blaky
Terrace Garden Ideas

Do you have a large patio that you want to bring to life and convert into your favorite room in the house? If you live in a city apartment with a spacious terrace and your desire is to live in a house with a garden, read on because we’ll teach you how to change your terrace into a garden in the simplest method possible. It’s actually rather simple; anyone can design their own urban garden. Even so, chairs or sofas in a chill out design, a table, and, most importantly, loads of flowers are never far away.

The Furniture, Something Fundamental

Terrace Garden Ideas

Before we begin decorating our patio, we must consider the garden furniture. If we have four people at home, we will need to purchase the necessary chairs so that we may live in the garden and, for example, sit in the sun or the shade while sipping a drink in the summer. In addition to these seats, an useful and comfy sofa that only adds a touch of relaxation to our terrace would be a good choice. To make everything blend together, choose covers in the same color and light tones for both the sofa and the chairs. This will convert everything into a really comfortable atmosphere.

Our terrace, which has been turned into a garden, must, of course, have a table where we can dine or snack at any time, in addition to being able to participate in a variety of outdoor activities and enjoy our spare time. If we don’t have enough space, we can always find a solution by combining some furniture with others, and we can fit all we need in a tiny place. Furniture that has been restored or made from repurposed pallets will be ideal for a terrace that has been converted into a garden.

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Plants and Flowers, Give Life

Terrace Garden Ideas

Next, we must complete the most important stage in transforming our terrace into a true garden as well as a deliciously inviting space to entertain. Our deck would be incomplete without plants and flowers. To accomplish so, we’ll need sturdy pots that can resist the test of time and the elements, as well as bright and attractive pots to complete the look of our environment. To provide life and color to the terrace, we will plant our favorite plants and flowers in them.

Lighting and Floors, Final Details

Terrace Garden Ideas

Finally, we must not overlook the finer points. The lighting on our balcony is critical for having dinners with guests or enjoying beautiful evenings. During the day, we should take advantage of natural light, but once it gets dark, we must have an indirect light source, such as ceiling lights or designer lamps, to complete the look of our garden.

The floor can be anything to everyone’s taste, but the most appropriate is artificial grass if we want our terrace to be completely green, or wood if we want to be more practical.


  • If you don’t want to spend money on garden furniture, we can always use pallets to make our own furniture, which we can customize to our satisfaction and, by the way, recycle. Pallets may be painted any color we desire, and we can use them to make drink tables, chairs, and even sofas.
  • If your patio has enough room, you can always add a good hammock to take advantage of the hours of sunlight in the most comfortable way possible, without having to go to the beach, in your own yard, while sipping a drink.

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