How to Remove Hair from Clothes in the Washing Machine

How to Remove Hair From Laundry

Hairs must be removed from garments in the washing machine not only to get a truly clean load, but also to avoid machine problems. Hairs can build up in the filters and drains of the appliance over time, causing issues and making it difficult to wash garments.

Even if you shake your garments thoroughly before washing them, the hairs cling together in such a way that they are difficult to remove. If you’ve forgotten how to remove hair from clothes in the washing machine, we’ve compiled a list of the best tips to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. They’ll come in useful if you have dogs in the house or need to remove chopped hair from garments after getting your hair trimmed at the salon.

Adhesive Roll

How to Remove Hair From Laundry

The first piece of advice for removing hairs from garments in the washing machine is to bring them to the drum as quickly as possible. The basic roll or lint brush might be really useful in this situation.

These utensils can be found in any supermarket’s cleaning section, but you can also manufacture your own. Cut a length of tape or wide duct tape to achieve this. Flip it over and glue both ends together so that the outside face is the one that sticks. Run your hand all over the garment, catching a good deal of hair in the process.

Hair Catcher Balls

How to Remove Hair From Laundry

Hair catchers are convenient and inexpensive, and they are good in catching hair and lint that falls out during washing. The majority are manufactured of plastic or silicone, and their irregular shape aids in the tangling and trapping of hairs. Simply place the ball in the washing machine and, once it has completed its task, remove the hair and lint. Rinse thoroughly under running water and air dry until ready to use again.

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When it comes to keeping hair from becoming loose in the washing machine water, a sponge, the kind used in the shower, is a great ally. What’s the secret? Place it amongst the clothing you’re intending to wash, but don’t overfill the machine so the sponge can move around and perform its work. You’ll notice that the hairs are trapped in it after spinning, and you may remove them from the washing machine.

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are becoming more popular in regular household cleaning as a result of their properties, and will also assist you in eliminating cat hair from garments, for example. Wet a cloth and wipe the garment you wish to be hair-free before washing it. They’ll be easy to remove. Furthermore, if you shake the fabric before putting it in the washer, it will collect any hair that may have escaped during the wash.

These cloths function in the same way that traditional lint-catching wipes do, but make sure to choose a white (colorfast) one.

Rubber or Latex Gloves

How to Remove Hair From Laundry

You may not realize it, but the dishwashing gloves can be used as a “lethal weapon” for eliminating hair from garments in the washing machine. Put them on, dampen them, and wipe them over your clothes. Hairs easily separate off garments and become stuck in gloves when they come into contact with wet rubber.

White Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that can help you keep your clothes clean and free of hair. It’s critical to emphasise that we’re just talking about a modest bit of vinegar because too much can harm or discolour clothing.

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Add a couple of small tablespoons to the detergent drawer to get rid of lint and hair from your garments, especially if they’re black or dark.

If you’re planning to wash delicate items, don’t utilise this approach. Vinegar, on the other hand, can be used to clean tough fabrics.

Quick Cycle in The Dryer

If you have a dryer, consider drying your clothes on a quick cycle with warm air to ensure that not a single hair sticks to your garments. This approach can help the hairs fall out so you can remove them from the dryer later with a simple cloth.

Mesh Bags

How to Remove Hair From Laundry

The mesh bags, which may be thrown in the washing machine and float in the water while being washed, act as a true filter. Hairs that fall out will be trapped in the clothing’ net-like fabric, preventing them from reattaching. Another simple and successful way to remove hair from garments in the washing machine is to use this method.

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