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How to Make Letters to Label? What is the Lettering For? Lettering Guide from Scratch

by Blaky
What is Lettering

Halfway between technique and art, lettering challenges your imagination so that what is said has never been better represented. But, What is lettering, and what is it for? Find out in this article!

What is Lettering?

Now, lettering is neither more nor less than the art of drawing letters. However, it could be confused with calligraphy or typography. The truth is that you should know that they are different things.

The reason is that lettering is always particular. It applies only to its use and not necessarily. It follows the stylistic regularities of calligraphy, much less the regulations of typography.

Difference between Lettering, Calligraphy, and Typography

What is Lettering

Unlike lettering, calligraphy could be defined as the art of writing letters. Lettering is an art, but it is not based on drawing but writing.

On the other hand, typography is the art of designing letters based on specific characteristics that apply to all of them, which does not necessarily happen in lettering.

On the contrary, keep in mind that each letter is a complete drawing in itself in lettering.

How Many Types of Lettering are There?

What is Lettering

There are several types of lettering, according to the materials and tools that you use in its realization, which in some way will also determine its style.

Brush Lettering

Brush lettering is done with brushes and paints such as watercolors, acrylics, or inks. These types of tools and materials favor the realization of lines in general, curved and long.

Chalk Lettering

On the other hand, chalk lettering is done with chalk on a blackboard, although we can also use pastels. Often, the menu of restaurants and bars shows a proper display of this type of art.

Hand Lettering

Any other form of lettering that you can do with different materials and tools is known as hand lettering. In general, they are made with pencils, markers, or pens, and styles and fonts are mixed.

When to Use Lettering?

What is Lettering

In any case, now that you know what lettering is, you will wonder when and what it is used for. Some of its applications you can easily deduce, others you may not even imagine.

  • For Tattoos. Phrases are often a motif for tattoos. To the extent that a tattoo is a drawing, any phrase part of it is too—for example, these images of phrases by Frida Kahlo, ideal for your tattoos.
  • Lettering is an excellent alternative to conventional typefaces for greeting or invitation cards since its letters are more personalized and attractive. Go ahead and create your letters for your invitations.
  • For Decoration. Letters, names, or words like “PEACE” and “LOVE” are widely used for interior decoration. So much so that you can use these letter molds to draw the lettering you need from them.
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