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How to Make Brownies in the Microwave? Step by Step Guide

by Blaky
Step by Step Microwave Brownie

Brownies are a popular dessert due to their deliciousness and ease of preparation. However, if you don’t have an oven and still want to enjoy their sweet flavor, you can make them even easier by heating them in the microwave. This recipe is ideal for any time you need to prepare a treat fast and easily. Just jot down the ingredients and get to work, because we’ll show you how to bake brownies in the microwave.


Steps to Follow:

Step 1:

Making brownies in the microwave is as easy as it sounds, and it only takes a few minutes. To begin, place the chopped chocolate and butter in a microwave-safe container, preferably one made of glass.

Step by Step Microwave Brownie

Step 2:

Put it in the microwave for 1 minute on medium power, then take it out, stir it, and see whether it’s melted; if not, microwave for another 10 seconds, and so on. It’s critical to proceed with caution because if you go overboard or use a high-powered microwave, the chocolate may burn.

Step 3:

To continue creating these brownies without using an oven, place the eggs in a mixing bowl with the remainder of the ingredients, including the previously sifted flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and baking powder. Once combined, whisk in the melted chocolate and butter until an uniform mixture forms, which will be your brownie mass.

Step by Step Microwave Brownie

Step 4:

Apply butter and flour to the surface of a microwave-safe mold to prevent sticking, and then pour in your brownie mix. Place the mold in the microwave for 5 minutes at 750 W.

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Step 5:

After this time, check to see whether the dessert is done by inserting a knife into the center and seeing if it comes out clean.

Step 6:

Remove it from the oven and set it aside to cool somewhat before serving. You can eat the brownies straight from the cup or container with a dusting of icing sugar on top, or you can cut the brownies baked in the microwave into pieces and serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a delicious and easy dessert.

Step by Step Microwave Brownie

You might want to make these microwave brownies with dark chocolate for your family now that you’ve discovered this simple and delicious recipe.

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