How to Move on After Breakup

How to Get Over a Breakup: 5 Expert Tips and Advice

“When am I going to get over this?” Many people are troubled by this question. People are more terrified of never getting over a breakup than of the breakup itself.

When a couple breaks up, the individual goes through a succession of phases or stages that can be mixed or overlapping. The crucial thing to remember is that you must go through all of them in order to complete the healing process.


You refuse to accept the end of your relationship. You have little control over your feelings, which are diverse and perplexing. You are unable to make key decisions, and your sleep and eating are likely to be disrupted.

In this period, a common blunder is to beg the other person. Losing self-respect and making decisions you may come to regret later.


How to Move on After Breakup

You’re depressed, your self-esteem is poor, and you haven’t yet adjusted to your new circumstances. You’re out of place because you’re not expecting or feeling anything.

You start to have pessimistic notions like “no one will love me” and “I’ll never find someone like me.” You don’t want to leave the house or engage in social activities, which can prolong your sad mood.

Self-deception is a common blunder during this stage. To believe that everything is a nightmare and that you will soon awaken and everything will be normal.


You romanticize your ex-partner and believe they were perfect. You feel bad about the breakup and accept responsibility for it. You only recall the positive days, and it’s natural to start talking about them with coworkers and relatives at this point.

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Trying to keep in touch with your former partner is a common blunder during this stage.


How to Move on After Breakup

It’s time to say goodbye. Despite the fact that it appears that the worst is behind us, this is the most challenging stage of the process. You must not only acknowledge that the relationship is finished, but you must also reclaim the energy you invested in it. Completely liberate yourself.

In this phase, there is a higher probability of resigning. Passively letting go with no desire to move forward.


You begin to re-establish a routine in your life. There are more joyful days than sad days, and you begin to focus on yourself and your own needs once more.

After a year in bed, it’s like learning to walk again. The individual is ready to return to society, but needs to regain self-confidence and self-esteem.

One final bit of advice: everything happens for a purpose in life. Don’t cling to something you can’t have any longer. Allow yourself to receive what you deserve. You will never be able to enjoy your present if you do not overcome your past.