How to Deep Clean The Kitchen: 8 Useful Tips and Ideas

Kitchen Cleaning Ideas

Since food is handled frequently in the kitchen, it is crucial to clean and disinfect it more frequently in order to ensure our safety and foster a healthy and hygienic environment. It is vital to take extreme care in these times of coronavirus quarantine. But how do you fully clean the kitchen? Here are a few pieces of advice.

Clean and Disinfect Kitchen Cabinets

How to Clean Kitchen

First, we’ll give the upper kitchen cabinets a complete inside and out cleaning and disinfection. To clean them more thoroughly, empty them and, if possible, remove the shelves.

The best course of action is to use a pail of water, bleach, or neutral dish soap, along with a cloth. It should go through the interior of the shelves and cabinets. Before reinstalling the shelves, wipe with a dry towel. Checking to see whether any items are expired before putting things back is a good idea.

For outdoor and indoor under-counter furnishings, follow the same approach.

How to Clean The Kitchen Thoroughly: The Extractor Hood

Kitchen Cleaning Ideas

The range hood effectively purges the kitchen of aromas, oil, and steam. This appliance’s lifespan is increased by proper cleaning. Because of this, it’s crucial to regularly check the filters to prevent grease buildup.

How are the filters cleaned? You should roughly follow these procedures, depending on the make and model:

  • Remove the filters, then dunk them in hot water in the sink. Add baking soda and dish soap. Give it ten minutes.
  • To get rid of extra grease, scrub the filters using a brush.
  • Replace the filters once dry and repeat this activity at least once a month.
  • For filth that is difficult to remove, use a degreasing product.
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Guidelines for Cleaning Ceramic Hob and Gas Burners

Kitchen Cleaning Ideas

You can keep the paint fresh if you use a little baking soda and vinegar. Apply the mixture, let it a few minutes to work, and then use a clean towel to wipe away the filth. Rub a lemon over the surface, then rinse it to give it a particular gloss and pleasing aroma. By following these steps, your stove will be properly cleaned and restored to new condition.

Put the gas burners in a bucket with vinegar and extremely hot water to clean them. Leave them to rest as you brush each region. The burners must be thoroughly cleaned in order to prevent clogging and ensure proper gas circulation.

How to Clean The Kitchen Thoroughly: The Microwave

Kitchen Cleaning Ideas

One of the kitchen’s most frequently used equipment, the microwave requires frequent, thorough cleaning.

  • Make use of a bucket or container filled with hot, soapy water.
  • Pass a wet cloth over the microwave in a circular motion (interior and exterior).
  • If that wasn’t enough, combine a bowl of water with a glass of vinegar, a lemon cut in half, and two tablespoons of baking soda. This step, along with the previous two, is ideal for cleaning an electric oven.
  • Please put it in the microwave for five minutes at the highest setting.
  • Wait a few more minutes before opening the microwave, then use a cloth dampened with the mixture to wipe off the interior.
  • Water and vinegar can be used to clean the turntable.

How to Remove Grease Stains in The Kitchen

How to Clean Kitchen

You can employ a strategy to get rid of stubborn grease stains. Mix some water and ammonia in a spray bottle. You’ll be able to simply remove stains and grease by applying this combination to the affected areas.

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Baking soda can be used as a different solution. The fat can be eliminated with a moist cloth and some baking soda. Toothpaste may effectively remove grease and debris from some surfaces.

Tips for Disinfecting Different Kitchen Countertops

How to Clean Kitchen

Every time we use the kitchen counter, we must clean it because bacteria can readily grow there.

  • Cleaning agents are readily tolerated by granite countertops. You can use water and baking soda, followed by a thorough water rinse.
  • Because marble countertops are porous, they are more challenging to maintain. It is advised to clean frequently with soap and water. Be cautious since any acid or strong liquid can harm them.
  • You can clean Siltstone countertops with some hot water and dish soap.

Use a little bleach, disinfectant, or bleach if the material is tolerant of it. The countertop will always be clean and germ-free with these goods. Kitchen ventilation is crucial because it enhances air quality and lessens grease particles and smells.

Steps to Clean and Disinfect The Refrigerator

How to Clean Kitchen

Bacteria found in raw food can build up in the refrigerator. Because of this, it’s crucial to clean and disinfect the refrigerator at least once every two to three months. And perhaps now, during the quarantine, is a good time to do it.

  • Cut the power to the refrigerator. It can use more energy if you clean it with open doors.
  • To work more effectively on all interior surfaces, remove food.
  • Vinegar is the best all-natural cleaner for cleaning trays, shelves, and drawers. Use a mixture of 1 cup of warm water and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with them. Spray the surfaces, and then dry them with an absorbent cloth.
  • Inside and exterior, the refrigerator needs to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • The shelves and food can be placed after cleaning.
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Ideally, food should always be washed before being placed in the fridge. That is, we should wash fruits, vegetables, and containers with water and detergent or dish soap as soon as we arrive home from the grocery store before placing them in the fridge.

How to Clean The Kitchen Thoroughly: Tiled Walls and Floors

How to Clean Kitchen

Cleaning the tiles and floors comes after cleaning the cabinets and appliances. To shine and get grease off the tiles on the walls, fill a container with warm water and neutral soap or vinegar.

Follow these easy methods to clean the kitchen floor:

  • Clean the kitchen floor thoroughly. Make sure there are no leftovers.
  • Add floor cleaner, better bleach, or bleach to a gallon of hot water.
  • Give the floor another pass with the mop or mop to ensure perfection.

What do you think of these cleaning and disinfecting suggestions for the kitchen? Covid-19 can persist on surfaces, according to the World Health Organization, thus the best course of action is to clean and sanitize every surface where we operate and carry out chores. Hope you can use these tips.

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