How to Decorate the Fireplace in Summer: Best Ideas and Tips

Fireplace Décor Ideas

Do you know how to decorate the fireplace in summer? The good weather arrives, and with it, we park the use of the fireplace until next winter. Many of you will wonder what accessories to place on it to make it decorative. We refer to the interior of the fireplaces, that unsightly hole that produces a feeling of unease when the fireplace is not used. Well, today, we want to provide interesting and original options.

DIY Fireplace Decoration in Summer

Fireplace Décor Ideas

Today’s first idea is super pretty and very original. It will also serve to completely hide the interior if it is worn or damaged by use. We share this craft that consists of making a board decorated with pieces of logs.

The visual sensation is that we have the fireplace full of logs, but with the advantage that this option is much cleaner, you only have to pass the duster.

Realization: Cut out a board with the dimensions of the hole in your fireplace, paint it black and glue small pieces of logs on it. As you will see, this project has no complications, and it is as fast as it turns out.

But if you are looking for something simpler and you do not want to get involved in home projects, we have more suggestions to propose. Look at these environments where we share several quick and easy ways to decorate fireplaces in summer.

1. With Plants

Fireplace Décor Ideas

We love the idea of ​​decorating the fireplace in summer with plants. It seems simple, practical, fast. A resource at the hand of all that costs very little time to add and the same to leave as it was when the cold arrives. In addition, decorating with plants is fashionable.

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2. With Logs

Fireplace Décor Ideas

The logs, whether natural or missing, are another perfect and very related element to decorate. They will help you fill the hole in your fireplace in a simple way. Although we suggest, you give it a spin as you can always add a personal touch with a little hand of paint.

3. With Candles

Fireplace Décor Ideas

We continue with more options to decorate fireplaces when they are not used, and now it is the turn of the candles. Filling your fireplace with candles is the most romantic choice. We show you examples of fireplaces decorated with candles.

4. With Books

Fireplace Décor Ideas

Other elements that will look great in your fireplace are books in favor of this option, the originality, against, the task of removing them in winter because you will have to find an alternative place for your books when the cold arrives.

5. With Vases

Fireplace Décor Ideas

Also, with any collection of decorative objects such as a set of vases. It will be stunning if you decorate your fireplace with vases. It surely enhances the ultimate look of your fireplace.

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