How to Clean Your Computer Screen and LED TV

How to Clean LED Screen

If your computer monitor or television are eternal subscribers to dust and dirt, you must try a homemade trick. Here’s how to clean your computer screen without damaging it.

How many times has it happened to you that you realize that the colors on your television or monitor already look different from dust? You pass your finger, and the mark of it remains. You want to clean it, but you give a canvas, and it leaves it worse! To prevent that from happening, precisely, there are these tricks. All will serve you both to clean the mobile screen, such as the tv, LCD.

How to clean a LED Screen

Today we live surrounded by screens, mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and TVs are part of our lives practically at all times. They all have touchscreens so having a screen cleaner on hand never hurts.

But you have to be very careful. Cleaning a led screen or cleaning the laptop screen with the wrong ingredients can cause permanent damage and be very expensive to repair. Try some screen cleaning tricks to keep them always shiny and like the first day. Learn how to clean led screens with these homemade tricks!

Anti-Dust Trick to Clean LED TV

The trick for the powder is very simpleYou only need lemon and a clean, damp cloth. It cleans led screens without any problem, and it also works for other types of screens.

  • Dampen the cloth or cloth in lemon juice, wring it out, wipe it both on the screen and the frame. The fabric must be damp and not wet since the idea is that it does not drip liquid. It can leave stains on the screen.
  • Lemon removes static electricity, which is what causes dust to adhere to the screen.
  • With this trick, you can clean a monitor and keep it dust-free for more days.
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Liquid to Clean Smart TV

If you are looking for how to clean the TV screen with an effective liquid, you should try a super simple combination and no less compelling. We are talking about the great couple that distilled water and vinegar makeIf you are looking to clean a led screen thoroughly, the kind that gets grease on your fingers, try this.

Necessary Elements

  • Distilled water
  • Vinegar
  • New, clean cloth or cloth (100% cotton)
  • Sprayer


  • It would help if you did it with the screen off.
  • Mix half vinegar and half distilled water in the sprayer bottle, close the sprayer, and spray on the cloth, never on the screen.
  • Wipe the cloth gently from top to bottom or horizontally, as you prefer.
  • Let it dry very well.

Anti-Finger Trick to Clean LED Screen

If you are looking for how to clean a led screen full of children’s fingers, nothing better than going for a very classic combination. Water and neutral soap will take care of the issue. Follow the steps, and you will see how easy it is.

Necessary elements

  • Water
  • Neutral soap


  • You can use it to clean the classic fingerprints that remain on the screen. If you have children at home, you know better than I what I am talking about. You will need fewer ingredients, which you can also find at home, such as water and neutral soap.
  • Dampen a clean cloth in the water mixed with the soap, and wipe it on the screen; drain it well so that no drops remain on the screen, as it could damage it. Let dry completely. clean the laptop screen
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The Trick to Disinfect and Clean LED Screens

How to Clean LED Screen

If you are looking to clean the screen of a laptop, monitor, or led tv, you have to try to go a little further in cleaning and try something that has a tremendous disinfecting effect. You can try this simple trick that you will see below.

Necessary elements

  • Distilled water
  • Well filtered lemon juice
  • Tea tree oil


  • Put in a spray bottle 9 parts of water, 1 of well-trained lemon juice, and a few drops of tea tree oil, which has a powerful disinfecting effect. Then gently steam it on the screen that you want to clean and wipe it with a cloth to make it ready.

If you want to prevent dust from adhering to your TV screen, be sure to check this video.

You must be very careful when cleaning your led screen since abrasive products can permanently damage it. The same happens when cleaning your tablet or any product with touch screens. How easily they get stained.

You must never clean the screen with detergent, alcohol, or newspaper as you usually do with glass.

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