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How to Clean Wooden Doors: Useful Tips & Ideas

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How to Clean Wooden Doors

When we dedicate ourselves to completely cleaning our home, one of the things that might cause the greatest confusion about how to properly maintain and keep it clean is the doors. The majority of nice doors are constructed of wood. This is one of the most sought-after materials for making residential furniture like chairs, tables, and shelves. Even more so in the case of doors, which are capable of isolating sounds and the weather itself.

A door that borders another room is not the same as one that borders the outside of the house, because severe weather can be more detrimental in this second room. Even yet, keeping them clean can help prevent the growth of fungus, the deterioration of the material, and extend its usable life. The care required differs depending on whether the door is varnished or not, which is why we will look at how to clean wooden doors in this article.

How to Clean Unvarnished Wooden Doors

For a more raw and rustic aesthetic, some people want their doors to be unpolished. You must clean them in the following order to maintain them as strong as the first day and to preserve the betas and shapes:

  • Remove excess dust and dirt: without using any product, just with a dry cloth or duster, take care of removing all the remains of lint and dust that are on the surface.
  • Clean and remove traces of marks: using a soft cloth or sponge, rub the door with a solution of warm water and specific wood soap to remove any traces of marks that may be present. To remove more localized stains, you can use a mixture of ammonia and water or olive oil and white vinegar. When you’re done, make sure to clean up any remaining water or product.
  • Polish the wood: once it’s clean, apply a polish or natural oil, such as almond oil, to give it a cleaner tone and look, and distribute it with active movements with a cloth all over the surface until it’s shiny and sparkling.
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How to Clean Varnished Wooden Doors

Cleaning your doors will be a little easier if you have decided to use a layer of varnish to protect the wood. You only need to follow the procedures below:

  • Remove any remaining dust with a moist duster or cloth to avoid harming the varnish while cleaning properly.
  • Disinfect the entire door: soak a cleaning cloth in a special soap for doors, mixed with a tablespoon of white vinegar, and go over all of the regions to remove any markings that have remained on the varnish layer. To avoid damaging the surface layer, you must do it carefully and without rubbing too hard.
  • Polish the varnish: using the thinnest cloth possible, apply a little amount of wood polish to the door and gently massage it to restore its shine. Make sure the product is dried with a clean cloth once it has taken action.

More Tips for Cleaning Wooden Doors

How to Clean Wooden Doors

Aside from the various specialist solutions for cleaning wood, such as soaps or polishes, neutral soap is one of the most fundamental supplies. However, there are some natural combinations that work well in these situations:

  • One of the most unscented and simple formulations, white vinegar and neutral soap is perfect for eradicating traces of moisture and molds and preventing fungus from forming on the wood.
  • Ammonia and water: A little stronger mixture than vinegar and soap, ammonia and water is particularly good at eliminating entrenched stains.
  • Egg whites and ammonia are excellent for moisturizing and hydrating wooden surfaces that have become dry over time.
  • Mayonnaise: To eliminate localized stains on the wood, spread a little mayonnaise on top and wipe it away with a soft cloth.
  • If the stain is fresh and still wet, rub a cork from the bottle tops to absorb all the remaining liquid, then clean them as usual.
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Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Wooden Doors

Knowing how to clean wooden doors is just as vital as understanding how not to deteriorate or destroy this magnificent material. Here are some common blunders to avoid:

  • Clean them first thing in the house: if we clean the rest of the house after they are clean, all the mites and germs will return to their surfaces.
  • Only use the duster: the duster achieves only a cursory cleaning. Every 15 days, it must be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Do not dry them thoroughly: it is critical to thoroughly dry them and ensure that there are no residues, as dirt may adhere and they will become dirty again faster, leaving moisture traces that can damage the wood.

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