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How to Choose Artificial Grass for Your Terrace or Garden

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How to Choose Artificial Grass

The nice weather has finally arrived, and it’s time to relax in your garden or patio. When it comes to covering the surface of their yard, many families have opted for artificial grass in recent years. The industry offers a wide range of options when it comes to fake grass. Because there is so much diversity, many individuals are hesitant to purchase one because they are unsure which one is best for their terrace or garden.

When selecting one type of fake grass over another, it is critical to consider several distinct elements, including the cost, upkeep, and realism of the grass. A lawn with a coarser texture and less comfort is not the same as one that requires more maintenance and is more realistic. In the following post, we’ll go over several factors to consider that can assist you in selecting artificial grass for your home.

Realistic Artificial Grass

How to Choose Artificial Grass

You should choose artificial grass that is at least 30mm thick if you want it to look like natural grass. To produce better realism, the chosen grass must contain a combination of colors in its strands, in addition to the aforementioned thickness. This type of grass has a significant disadvantage in that it necessitates a great deal of upkeep. True, this sort of artificial grass is significantly more expensive than other types, but the finish is flawless, nearly approaching actual grass.

In terms of cost, you may choose between models that cost as little as 15 euros per square meter to those that cost as much as 32 euros per square meter. The thickness of the grass is the key to having artificial grass that seems natural. The thicker it is, the more realistic it appears.

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Easy and Simple Maintenance Artificial Grass

How to Choose Artificial Grass

If you want a cheap, easy-to-clean lawn, avoid models with a lot of thickness and thickness and instead choose models with minimal thickness and thickness. The main disadvantage of this type of grass is that it is fairly harsh and unpleasant to contact with the skin. However, it is a relatively inexpensive artificial grass that is very easy to maintain. With a vacuum cleaner, you can get it very clean and dirt-free.

It is the most popular sort of artificial grass among those who wish to add a touch of green to their garden or terrace. In terms of thickness, you can choose between 4 mm fine grass and 7 mm thick grass. The market offers a wide range of prices, which can range from 5 euros per square meter to 16 euros per square meter.

Functional Artificial Grass

How to Choose Artificial Grass

If you want to get the best value for your money, go with artificial grass that is functional in every way. In this scenario, artificial grass with an average thickness of roughly 20 mm is recommended. This sort of grass is less expensive and easier to maintain than authentic grass. It’s also incredibly comfy and has a natural grass-like appearance.

Another advantage of this type of grass is that it is reasonably priced and suitable for a wide range of budgets. You can get a usable lawn for around 7 euros per square meter this way. If your garden isn’t too big, it can be worth investing in grass that’s around 25 mm thick and costs around 40 euros per square meter.

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In short, depending on the number of square meters to be covered, the cost of each type of grass will vary significantly. Because the price drops as the quantity increases, it is far better to buy for large surfaces rather than little ones. The pricing also reflects if the grass is of higher quality or, on the contrary, is of significantly lower quality. Artificial grass that costs more is usually softer to the touch and more realistic. Cleaning and maintaining it, on the other hand, is far more difficult.

If you choose a much less expensive lawn, keep in mind that it will be rougher and less comfortable than the more expensive ones. They are, however, simple to maintain and may be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. In any case, the most important thing is to lay grass on the surface of the garden or terrace to assist create a welcome and comfortable atmosphere.

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