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How to Choose an Aluminum Radiator? Brief Guide

by Blaky
Aluminum Radiator Heating System

In today’s homes, aluminum radiators are a popular choice. However, not everyone understands how to select an aluminum radiator when it is time to replace one. After all, nothing lasts forever, and you can’t live without radiators.

Aluminum radiators are outstanding devices with a high level of stability, while also being lightweight and providing exceptional heat transfer performance. Another advantage of aluminum radiators is their low cost.

It’s recommended to begin your search for aluminum radiators by determining the many types of radiators available, as well as key technical specifications.

Features of Aluminum Radiators:

Aluminum Radiator Heating System

  • Aluminum radiators are lightweight and simple to install.
  • Because sectional aluminum radiators have a classic appearance, they may be used in any design.
  • The process of selecting a radiator is straightforward: simply dial the desired number of sections.
  • Cleaning is simple – it may be washed in any manner.
  • Special heat regulators can be installed, and we recommend that you do so straight away.
  • Good heat dissipation – high working efficiency.

Radiators are Classified into Three Categories:

Aluminum Radiator Heating System

  • Radiators made of extruded aluminum with a mechanically linked set of parts.
  • Solid-sectioned cast radiators.
  • Optional combinations that combine the first two types.

What factors should you consider before purchasing aluminum radiators? The only difference between the three varieties is the production technology. When it comes to the reliability factor, cast aluminum radiators are the way to go. Defective radiators are the least common type of radiator created by casting. In this aspect, extruded materials, for example, are less trustworthy.

Which aluminum radiators are better is a difficult question to answer. However, you must consider the following technical aspects before making your decision:

  • The distance (center) between the upper and lower collectors varies between 200 and 500 mm.
  • Working pressure ranges from 6 to 20 atm.
  • The power (thermal) ranges from 82 to 212 W, depending on the coolant temperature.
  • One portion weighs between 1 and 1.47 kg.
  • One portion has a capacity of 250 to 460 ml.
  • The coolant can reach a maximum temperature of 110 degrees.
  • Guaranteed for a period of 10 to 15 years.
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To choose aluminum heating radiators, you must first know the parameters of your heating system and the size of the heated space in order to determine which ones are better and which ones you require.

It’s crucial to understand! Before selecting and purchasing a radiator, it is a good idea to measure the space beneath the windowsill – after all, this is where it will be installed. It’s crucial to note that the radiator cannot be installed end-to-end. It must be able to freely circulate air; otherwise, its efficiency would suffer.

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