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How to Choose a Dining Table: Examples and Designer Tips

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How to Choose a Dining Table

The dining table is an essential element of any kitchen revere and has long been in many cultures. It is the place where people share their joys and experiences while eating. Let’s figure out how to choose the right table for the kitchen.

Agree. It’s nice to get the whole family together for lunch or dinner to enjoy delicious dishes and have a heart-to-heart talk. At the same time, it is vital that sitting at the table is convenient and comfortable. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a table.


How to Choose a Dining Table

If your kitchen is spacious, you can vary both the size of the furniture and its location. For example, when you place the entire set along one wall, it is recommended to place the table close to the opposite one. The best place for a table is in the center of the room. If the furniture display in a p- or l-shape.

Size and Shape

How to Choose a Dining Table

For medium-sized rooms, it is preferable to purchase an oval or round table. The lack of corners will leave more room for maneuvers and will also accommodate more people. In small kitchens, rounded tables are also desirable, especially with a glass top. It will visually expand the space.


How to Choose a Dining Table

The design of the dining table will depend on the style of the kitchen as a whole. Models made of natural wood and stone are suitable for any interior. You can use glass in any manner, from hi-tech to classic. But plastic and metal surfaces will look great in modern design projects.

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Table Top

How to Choose a Dining Table

It is crucial to select the material of the tabletop depending on the purpose of the table. So, for a table at which you only plan to eat, a wooden surface is perfect. For the one on which food preparation will take place, it is plastic: it has excellent contact with food and moisture, but, keep in mind, it is vulnerable to the effects of aggressive cleaning agents and hot dishes.

The stone will withstand not only all of the above but also moderate mechanical damage. The laminated and metal surfaces are the most resistant. So if you love to solder on your kitchen table, this choice is for you.


How to Choose a Dining Table

Let’s go back to small kitchens. For them, a transforming table will be the ideal solution. There are also folding models to decorate with a rolling-out mechanism. But they all have additional tabletops, which will provide more seats at the table in the event of the arrival of guests.

Expert Advice

How to Choose a Dining Table

  • Be careful when buying a table with a glass top. No matter how beautiful it looks, glass is a cold material, and prolonged interaction with the joints of the hands can harm health.
  • If the dining table needs to be in a small room, consider transformers. Such tables come in various designs (folding, sliding, turning into a coffee table, sliding under the sofa, and so on). At the same time, any of them will significantly save valuable space in the room. This option is especially relevant for those who have at least a bar counter for everyday meals. Otherwise, the transforming dining table runs the risk of forever remaining in the unfolded position.
  • Don’t be tempted to choose a table from the same collection as the chairs you like. Modern trends recommend mixing different styles, approaches, materials, manufacturers. Comparison with the world of fashion will be pretty accurate: now shoes do not have to be in tune with a handbag at all. More complex and not-so-obvious combinations are welcome. Match your dining table with a coffee table, sofa floor lamp, TV stand, or another piece of furniture or lighting.
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