How to Burn Calories: 8 Exercise to Burn Calories Than Running

How to Burn Calories Fast

Running is a great way to enhance our cardiovascular system. The human body may burn around 560 calories per hour if it maintains a speed of 9-10 km/h (depending on the individual).

Running’s difficulty is that the great majority of people despise it. Some are dissatisfied because they don’t grasp the goal, while others are bored, prefer team sports, or are simply lazy… Many people, for various reasons, are unable to achieve their daily or weekly cardiac exercise, which plays an increasingly crucial role in our overall health as we age.

Here we offer a variety of activities with the same or comparable outcomes that you can use to generate ideas, switch things up, and avoid boredom. I really hope you enjoy it!


How to Burn Calories Fast

Pedaling a stationary bike burns nearly the same amount of calories as low-intensity running (400 calories). Cycling has the advantage of being able to be done at home and while seated. Cycling outdoors or indoors with intensity (such as in a spinning class) can burn up to 480 calories per hour.

Inline Skating

How to Burn Calories Fast

This activity is similar to running, however it is done on wheels. Best of all, it burns about 426 calories each hour in addition to being far more enjoyable.


How to Burn Calories Fast

Nights out at the disco, as well as aerobic dancing, can burn up to 440 calories each hour.


How to Burn Calories Fast

Climbing burns about 450 calories per hour going up and 284 calories per hour going down. Furthermore, exercise contains an anaerobic component that aids in the enhancement and growth of muscle mass.

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Jump Rope

How to Burn Calories Fast

That game that was so popular in schoolyards turns out to be a great workout. You can burn up to 670 calories every hour depending on your pace and effort.


How to Burn Calories Fast

The rowing workout is quite beneficial. Despite the fact that you’re sitting all day, the exercise is a great calorie burner because it works both your legs and arms. We can burn an average of 680 calories per hour by rowing at a medium-high intensity.


How to Burn Calories Fast

Boxing isn’t only vicious in appearance; it is. But, in addition to being an unbeatable fat burner, it is also an excellent natural de-stressor, releasing all the negative emotions that we acquire in our bodies as a result of our hard work. A one-hour boxing session can burn up to 730 calories.


How to Burn Calories Fast

You’ll burn calories and improve your cardio regardless of your swimming style. Swimming breaststroke burns around 580 calories per hour; swimming on your back burns approximately 540 calories; and swimming butterfly style burns up to 780 calories per hour.

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