Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker Review

Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker Review

Smart speakers have changed how people enjoy their favorite music. Individuals can enjoy their favorite songs while on the move as they are portable. This means you can carry it from one spot to another. Google nest mini smart speaker has a beautiful overall design. Additionally, you can control it using your voice. This saves you the hustle of physically operating your speaker.

This smart speaker can also be connected to internet. Hence, you can enjoy unlimited streaming when playing music. In terms of performance, many people love the projection of the speaker when playing music.

It has an easy to use interface.

It offers privacy through the microphone mute button.

Google voice assistant gives you hands free control over the device.
It doesn’t have a USB cable port.


  • This smart speaker comes with a power cable that should be connected to power so that you can start operating it. The cable is long enough for your speaker to be placed few inches from the socket or extension.
  • Google nest mini smart speaker comes with a starter’s guide that gives you direction on how to connect and operate your device.
  • You can control your device from your phone by downloading the Google home application. Your Smartphone should have android operating system to download the application.
  • Google nest mini smart speaker can be connected to other speakers or mobile phones through Bluetooth.
  • Anyone who wants to play music online can connect this device to wireless internet connection and enjoy various free platforms.
  • The weight of Google nest mini smart speaker is 0.44 lbs. it automatically falls under lightweight carrier. Individuals can comfortably pack it in their bags and move with it.
  • This is one of the few speakers that allow you to adjust the tone of the speaker when playing your favorite songs.
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Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker Review


  • Google Nest mini smart speaker has a wall mount option which allows you to hang it on a wall while enjoying your favorite songs.
  • You can operate Google voice assistant and give it voice commands when you are far from it or don’t want to manually operate it. You can get answers to various questions and stream music from different online platforms. 
  • There are microphones strategically placed inside the speaker to recognize voice commands. Hence, you don’t have to shout while on the other end of the room for your command to be understood.
  • Google nest mini smart speaker has a series of manual buttons which you can use to operate it. There are two volume buttons and a microphone mute button. Hence, you will have an easy time operating your smart speaker.
  • You can choose from various colors. This gives users a sense of personalization in terms of colors.
  • The speaker of this device is 9.8 cm in diameter. Thus, be assured of proper distribution of sound in a room.
  • You can use Google nest mini smart speaker to control things connected to it such as Television sets, thermostats and lights. This makes it easy to manage your smart home.
  • There are plenty of streaming services you can access with this device when connected to a wireless internet connection. Pandora, YouTube music, Google play music, iHeart Radio, Tune-in and spotify, are some platforms you can access.


The low price doesn’t point out with a cheap design. You can observe how well built is the speaker in terms of outer coloring and casing. The compact design does highly alerts you that it’s ‘mini.’ For matching your room decors and interiors, you can opt for a light shade like gray (chalk) or sky blue. For a dark contrast with your room, the red (coral) and charcoal (black) color model options are also available. The color selection has decided well to fill the minds of neutral color lovers and those who like to have strong color shade in the speakers.

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The speaker’s body is 1.65 inches tall and 3.85 inches in diameter. Though you’ll get four color options, all of these speakers have a similar design. The circular cylinder has a layer of fabric mesh made of eco-friendly recyclable plastic bottles. This top mesh has a touch-sensitive button to control the volume level and change the track into play or pause modes. The buttons are backlit (turns on when you bring your hands near the speaker), making it clearly conspicuous in the fabric. The backside of the speaker features a rubberized base. It’s not a common base that you’ll find in other google speakers. A mounting plate forms the base by which you can easily hang the speaker into the wall of your room. The speaker saves space in two aspects: first, it’s ‘mini,’ and second, it can be mounted on the wall. The charging port and physical mute button are mounted on these base plates. You can slide the microphone switch to mute it.

Four LED lights make a part of this mini speaker and are present behind the fabric layers. These lights illuminate as soon as the speaker is powered on, and when you connect it to Google Assistant.

Unlike the original mini model with micro USB, this second-generation model has DC powered jack replaced with micro USB. The speaker is lightweight, just 191 grams; thus, it is best to carry with you during travels.

Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker Review


Google Nest has designed this mini speaker by installing the built-in Google assistant. The google assistant gives the speaker full freedom to have a good interaction with you and other compatible devices. The top firing driver of 40 nm works to deliver its performance either through WiFi connectivity or by Bluetooth streaming. The upgraded three microphones equipped beneath the fabric enable far-field interaction with your voice and are great, especially when you’re a few feet away from the device. You can completely control the speaker to obey your instructions. Playing music or audio can be done in many ways. You can instruct the speaker to play the song from YouTube, Google Play Music, Gaana, Spotify, Wynk, and JioSaavn.

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The speaker satisfies the price tag to deliver the sound quality within the range. The improved sound is the main feature, too of this 2nd generation model. You can also plan for pairing the speaker with a Chromecast to experience home theater audio. Google claims that this Google Nest Mini Speaker has two times stronger bass than the original mini model, but yes, it has a 360 degree sound firing feature. You can use the commands like ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Okay Google’ to wake up the device.


The speaker is good for first-time buyers to try out a smart speaker and enter into the Google speaker ecosystem. Though it may don’t have a great set of features like high-end speaker models, it still is a great option to upgrade your smart home system with a speaker. The wall mounting is a unique add-on to the Google speaker series, definitely considering one. It’s more reliable with a smarter assistant when providing a better sound quality within an affordable price range.

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