Google Nest Hub Smart Speaker Review

Google Nest Hub Smart Speaker Review

Are you familiar with the latest developments as far as smart speakers are concerned? Some companies have launched smart speakers that have a screen. This allows you to listen to audio and videos. Google Nest hub smart speaker is one of such speakers. It is manufactured by Google Company. This offers an assurance you are investing in a quality product.

Additionally, Google Nest Hub smart speaker comes with a voice assistant. This saves you from the stress of physically operating your smart speaker. The voice assistant is instant and can be used for various purposes apart from controlling what you are listening or watching.

It is pocket-friendly

Its size makes it easy to move with it.

It can open images.
It doesn’t have a camera.

Some people think the speaker isn’t powerful enough.


  • This smart speaker has a 7 inch touch screen. It allows you to play both audio and videos. A lot of individuals are impressed by the size of the screen when playing videos. The touch screen is also sensitive for instant response.
  • The weight of Google Nest hub smart speaker is 1.1 lbs. As a result, you will have an easy time moving with your smart speaker. Many users also have an easy time handling this device.
  • You will find a power cable inside the box which should be connected to the speaker before being plugged into power. It should be connected to power every time you want to use your device.
  • Google Nest hub smart speaker can be connected with other speakers if you want multiple speakers at any given time.
  • You can pair your mobile phone with this speaker through Bluetooth. The Bluetooth coverage range is 30 feet, which is remarkably impressive.
  • Individuals can make calls and send text messages to contacts stored in their phone without having to disconnect their devices with the speaker.
  • Google Nest hub smart speaker can be paired with wireless internet connection. Hence, you can enjoy various online services.
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  • Google assistant– This smart speaker has Google voice assistant that helps individuals control what they are listening or watching through their voice. Therefore, you don’t have to physically touch your smart speaker. You can play music, set an alarm and get answers to questions, among others through Google voice assistant.
  • Google Nest hub smart speaker allows you stream videos and audios from different platforms. YouTube, Pandora and Spotify are some platforms you can access when your device is connected to the internet.
  • This smart speaker gives you options in terms of colors. You can either choose charcoal or chalk color. All the colors are dull, making it easy to blend with any environment.
  • You can open videos with resolution up to 720p. This means you can enjoy quality videos when streaming various videos.


When you search for speakers, the major chances are that you may come across those who support audio formats only. The advancement in the speakers had made even Google launch a speaker with a screen giving the name ‘Google Nest Hub Smart Speaker.’ The speaker looks small yet, sturdy and sports a 7-inch display that’s bigger enough to help you immerse into the video formats. The thick bezels surround the display, and the Google Nest Hub resembles a tablet with a wedge-shaped back to position itself into the flat surface. The back perfectly tilts the speaker to look clearly, even if you’re a few feet far from the speaker.

The Google Nest Hub Speaker is available in four color options; chalk, charcoal, aqua, and sand. On the top bezel, a small dot is there, nothing but the ambient light sensor. Some may misapprehend it as a camera, but the truth is that this Google Nest Hub doesn’t have a camera. The ambient light sensor will adjust the brightness of the display according to the surroundings. So, you can have a better viewing experience with the required amount of lights during days and nights, without making the brightness overpowered. Two microphones accompany the light ambient sensor and occupy the top bezel area. These are through which your voice commands will get received by the device.

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Google Nest Hub Smart Speaker Review


The Google Nest Hub is a google assistant speaker. Combining the qualities of smartness with fast, the google assistant works intelligently to process the device as per your inputs. You can interact with the device by feeding down your voice into the speaker or by utilizing the advantage of the highly responsive touch screen of the display. The ambient EQ sensor lowers the brightness in dark environments, and you can easily enjoy watching YouTube videos without needing any subscription to run. You can watch shows and movies through Netflix, HBO Max, etc. If you’ve Chromecast built n device, it can easily stream the Netflix in speaker into TVs. With Google Home App, you can customize various sound equalizer settings and other functions to get a more personalized sounding. You can ask questions or give any commands by connecting the speaker with a WiFi connection to Google Home App. You can also make voice calls and video calls (only through Google Duo), but you can only see the recipient’s face.


If you’re looking for a speaker that supports audio and video formats with high performance, these speakers by Google are worthy choices to place in your smart home. The union of Google assistant with the google home app opens up lots of features to justify that it highly competes with other speaker products. The microphones and sound quality are highly immersive and impressive in the normal environment of the room. The lack of cameras is balanced by other unique features such as google photo integration. If you don’t mind spending more, it’s a speaker to add good value to your home.

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