Google Nest Hub Max Smart Speaker Review

Google Nest Hub Max Smart Speaker Review

The kind of smart speaker you choose determines if you will enjoy your music or not. As a result, you should be careful on the smart speaker you choose. Google Nest Hub Max smart speaker is one of the top rated speakers you should consider. First, Google Company has an excellent reputation of producing quality products. There are plenty of reviews by users who express their satisfaction with this device. It is in terms of performance and usage.

Therefore, choose Google Nest hub max smart speaker and enjoy your favorite music. You can play both videos and audios with this smart speaker.

You can open images with this speaker.

You can video call with friends and family members.

The screen can be personalized to meet individual’s needs.
There is no camera shutter.


  • This smart speaker has a touch screen that is 10 inch. The screen is fairly large when compared to those of other smart speakers. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite videos in your free time.
  • The weight of Google Nest Hub max speaker is 3 pounds. Automatically, individuals will have an easy time handling their smart speaker. People who are mostly on the move will also benefit from this speaker as it is easy to pack.
  • The front camera of this smart speaker is 6.5 megapixels. It is powerful enough to project your surrounding when on video calls. You can freely video call across various platforms.
  • Google nest hub max speaker accepts Bluetooth connection. Thus, you can connect it to your mobile device or other speakers.
  • This smart speaker can be connected to a wireless internet connection if you desire some online services.
  • The box comes with a power adapter that should be connected to power anytime you want to use your smart speaker. Also, there is a manual guide you can use if you are a first time user.
  • Google Nest Hub max smart speaker allows mobile owners to send messages and even make calls while their devices are paired to the speaker via Bluetooth.
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Google Nest Hub Max Smart Speaker Review


  • You can either choose charcoal or chalk color when selecting your smart speaker. This allows some form of personalization when choosing a smart speaker for entertainment.
  • Google Nest hub Max smart speaker comes with voice recognition assistance that makes it easy for you to navigate without physically touching your device. You can play music, set alarm or search answers for questions.
  • Screen operation feature– You control almost everything about this smart speaker through on the screen. This ranges from microphone and video camera. The screen interface is easy to understand and navigate.
  • Choose Google Nest hub max smart speaker if you love powerful speakers. It has in-built tweeters and a 30W subwoofer that can project enough sound to a room.
  • There are in-built microphone meant to capture your voice from a distance. Hence, you can make your voice command while on the other end of the room.
  • There are plenty of streaming services you can access with this device if there is a wireless internet connection. YouTube, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Pandora are some platforms you can access.


Google has unarguably set the standards of modern designs pretty high, and it’s obvious in the all-new Google Nest Hub Max Smart Speaker. The 10-inch 1280 x 800 resolution smart screen display mounted on a base to host the speakers gives it a floating appearance. Although the Nest Hub Max appears to be a bit taller than Amazon’s 2nd-gen Echo Show, it requires the same amount of space and can be easily placed on a kitchen counter or a table in the living room.

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Apart from being ideal-sized, the Nest Hub Max Smart Speaker merely weighs up to 3 pounds that make it exemplary for safe traveling. The lightweight and tall body make it stable and easier for buyers to handle the smart speaker without worrying too much. It comes in two classic colors- charcoal or chalk color, which is quite the opposite of the standard Google Hub offers. 

The Google Nest Hub Max provides the same layout and controls where the volume buttons are on the right side behind the screen, whereas the mute toggle switch disables microphones. You can also play with its settings to disable the camera in the bezel or turn on/off mics, etc. The green-colored light indicates that the camera is being used but turns orange when it is disabled.

Google Nest Hub Max Smart Speaker Review  


It cannot be emphasized enough that the new Google Nest Hub Max smart speaker is bigger, louder, and paired with much better sound quality than its previous releases. It is capable of filling the entire room with loud yet better sounding quality music and masks unnecessary noise pollution effortlessly.

Although the Nest Hub Max is not the very first smart speaker with an in-built camera in the bezel, it also has the capability of doing much more than just video calling. The smart speaker sees and recognizes your face to display personalized things to them, including messages, package deliveries, weather forecasts, upcoming calendar appointments, and flights, etc. Google calls this feature the Face Match, where face recognition is done without storing the required pictures in the cloud.

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Perhaps the best thing about Google  Nest Hub Max smart speaker is its single hand gesture controls that uses the camera to perform various functions. You can pause or play any video or music, etc, by just raising your palm as if you are telling it to shut up. This feature works surprisingly amazing even with dirty or wet hands and helps you pass a command without being verbal or touching the screen.


The Google Nest Hub Max Smart Speaker performs all the exceptional features that the company proudly advertises about. It is one of the best smart speakers with a widescreen of 1280 x 800 resolution, high sound quality speakers, and a camera with numerous handy functions. However, in my opinion, it is quite unsure that the camera in the bezel would not be hacked for deceitful purposes.

It is another great thing about the Google Nest Hub Max that allows you to control your data. You can conveniently delete everything that you have said to the Hub Max by just saying ‘Delete everything I said this week,’ which is hands-down an impressive thing.

Since the Nest Hub Max smart speaker also supports Bluetooth connection, you can easily connect your smartphones or speakers to enjoy a comfortable experience every time. If you are looking for additional hands-free assistance that works as a TV and spy over your house in your absence, then the Google Nest Hub Max accounts for one of the most compelling smart speakers.

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