Feng Shui Plants for Home

Feng Shui Plants: Where to Put Plants in Your Home According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Taoist Chinese philosophy that entails placing and organizing the objects of a home in a specific position and orientation so that energy flows favorably throughout the home and, as a result, improves various elements of our lives such as health, fortune, and love. Flowers and plants are among the aspects that this ancient Chinese culture contains, and according to Feng Shui, they are necessary in any home since they give various advantages, particularly for our mental and physical health.

If you’re not sure which flowers to buy or how to arrange them at home, we’ll give you some pointers in the following article on how to place plants according to Feng Shui so that they spread positive energy throughout your home. Continue reading!

Plants and Flowers in Feng Shui

Feng Shui Plants for Home

Plants and flowers have evolved into elements that are commonly used to beautify and improve the appearance of patios and gardens, but they are key pieces in Feng Shui to keep the energy of the home balanced. The perfect positioning of plants at home, according to this theory, can provide the following benefits to both our physical and mental health:

  • Reduces anxiety: A study conducted by Washington State University found that having a plant in sight can help us feel less worried in only a few minutes.
  • Increases concentration and creativity: having this item on a person’s desk can help them pay more attention to their job and solve difficulties more quickly.
  • Patients who were exposed to the companionship of a plant during their healing process healed more quickly, according to a study.
  • It improves our mood: being in touch with nature improves our relationships and makes us feel lot better.
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Where can We Place The Plants According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui Plants for Home

While some plants and flowers can attract positive energy and luck in various aspects of our lives, they will not have the same effect if we do not know the proper orientation and placement. As a result, we’ve listed where to put the plants according to Feng Shui:

South Zone

Plants, which are composed in a certain way of wood, fan that flame and keep it alive in the southern area of the residence, which is inside the Fire element. The flowers in this area improve one’s ability to solve problems decisively and effectively.

East and Southeast Areas

Because these two regions of the house are in the Wood element, introducing plants (life beings composed of wood) will increase their energy. Plants that grow in these two places will improve our financial fortune, creativity, and social interactions. However, saturating it with plants is inconvenient because it could have the reverse effect.

Dining Room

Flowers in the area where we eat and spend time with the rest of the family can boost their relationships as well as their financial luck.

Living Room and Entrance of The House

These two spaces are also great for Feng Shui plant placement since they increase harmony and luck in the home. However, if these locations are oriented to the southwest, northeast, or northwest of your home, you should avoid installing really huge flowers because it will unbalance the energy in your home.

What Plants to have at Home According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui Plants for Home

Although we have previously seen some of the advantages of using plants to decorate our home in accordance with this concept, it is also true that some plants are better to use in certain areas of our home, while others should be avoided because they may disrupt the energy balance. Then, according to Feng Shui, we’ll discuss which plants are best for decorating a home.

  • Peonies are pinkish-hued flowers that, according to this tradition, are utilized to draw love and romance into our life. They’re also great for attracting good vibes and resolving emotional issues.
  • Chrysanthemums: Although they come in a range of colors, white, red, and pink chrysanthemums are the most popular in this philosophy. This plant is typically planted in a home when we want to bring good fortune to all of the people who live there.
  • The lotus flower is considered to be one of the most beneficial plants in Feng Shui. It represents perfection and is commonly used in the home to encourage health, luck, and harmony.
  • Orchids: beautiful lilac-hued flowers are supposed to represent purity, abundance, and perfection. When we want to bring positive energy and luck into our home, we place them. They are also utilized when a couple is trying to conceive a child because they are a sign of fertility.
  • Daffodils are yellow or white flowers that are commonly used and placed in homes to boost our creativity and luck in school and at work.