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DIY Wall Decor Ideas with Your Own Hands for Any Room

by Blaky
DIY Wall Decor Ideas

An empty one-color wall signifies that decorating the interior during the renovation process was skipped as an “extra” step. The result is obvious: a room that looks one to one, like hundreds of others, and resembles a hotel room. But, having spent a couple of days on non-standard wall decoration, the owners of an apartment or house would have received an opposite result – a room adapted for living in it for specific people, with their tastes and preferences. Do not think that DIY wall decor is within the power of the chosen ones. Everyone can make an artistic canvas out of the wall.

Wall Decor with Fabric

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

If there is a fabric of exciting color or texture left in the bins, make a wall decoration out of it. A significant plus of textile finishing is its ability to hide irregularities and defects in the wall surface. You can attach fabrics with glue or special reusable Velcro. You can fix the canvas also with slats and a powerful stapler. A uniform coating forms without seams. Even paper is inferior to textiles in terms of the integrity of the formed wall canvas.

We can decorate the wall with textiles in the form of paintings. Replace the pattern with a piece of fabric. Framed from a baguette, it will become a work of art.

Simple do-it-yourself wall decor with fabric makes from pieces of fabric. A wall decorated with flowers made of twisted dense textiles will give a luxurious look to the apartment. Each petal is cut separately according to a cardboard template, and the parts are sewn together and attached to the wall.


DIY Wall Decor Ideas

After the renovation, do not rush to throw away the remnants of the finishing materials used to decorate the interior. We can decorate the wall with appliqué, wallpaper, fabric, polystyrene, buttons, beads, letters. Do not forget to draw upon paper a sketch of the future project to scale.

The drawing can be anything from a butterfly to a landscape. Seek help from children – they will certainly tell you an exciting story. The simple idea is to glue many miniature pieces of wallpaper with the same shape but different sizes to the wall surface. A remarkable artistic effect is guaranteed!

Wall Decor with Own Hand Paint

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Regular paint, applied in a non-standard way, is a simple but impressive option for decorating an interior. The wall takes on an original and beautiful look with minimal cost. Acrylic paint is suitable for complex drawings. In other cases, water-based paint is right.

We can stain the surface with stripes or cells. It would help if you fixed the masking tape on the border of the two colors. Similarly, make a zigzag or geometric pattern.

The original wall decor with your own hands can change daily. You will need to cover the surface with blackboard paint, which you want to draw, applied with multi-colored crayons.

It is better to paint with acrylics. We can prepare a wall for painting – it is putty, primed, and then an image is created. If you don’t have special skills, invite an artist. But you can do the contour painting in the room yourself. For example, we can decorate a wall with silhouettes of an animal or plant, letters. Previously, the wall is marked without pressure with a pencil along the contours of the future image. The resulting shape is painted over with acrylic or watercolor.

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Print and Stickers

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

You can decorate the wall using a particular stencil. Or you can use a picture from the Internet, print it, and cut it along the inner contour.

An ordinary person can use this way to create a beautiful and original pattern with no experience in drawing. The stencil is attached to the wall with double-sided tape. We can outline contour and paint the space inside.

Unusual wall decor with your own hands is created using vinyl stickers. We will decorate the solid-colored wall with contrasting stickers. Their adhesive back, with which the wall contacts, does not damage the finishes and materials. If you don’t like the idea of ​​decorating with stickers, you can easily remove them. The neatness of the interior will remain unchanged.

Decorative Plasters

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Use decorative plaster – create a natural interior decoration from the finishing material. Choose a coating that has two to three steps and a minimum of tools. Not all plasters are materials that require professional handling. A wall with a slight iridescent sheen or stains is an option that everyone can do. But plaster for decorating with a complex texture, for example, Venetian or with Marseilles wax, is the lot of highly qualified specialists.

Decorative Panels

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Decoration with panels based on gypsum will suit every interior, be it a summer cottage, office, or living room. It is possible to make a volumetric wall decor with your own hands with gypsum panels. But the wall must be leveled and primed. We can fix do-it-yourself plaster decor on the wall with mounting glue or dowels, and the joints between adjacent elements are closed with a finishing putty. Initially, gypsum panels are white. Once mounted on the wall, We can paint them.

With Pictures

DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Paintings, posters, and photographs will be a worthy addition to any setting. You don’t have to be an artist to paint for your home. Draw an abstract ornament or paint bright spots of matching colors on the canvas. A single color surface will benefit from having such a beautiful decoration on it. Painting or graphics will replace interior collages at a minimal cost. Items united by a common idea are placed on a textile background and framed by a baguette.

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