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Diono Radian R120 Car Seat Review

by Blaky
Diono Radian R120 Car Seat Review

Who doesn’t want a car seat that has everything? From being a convertible car seat to transforming the same into a car seat booster, the Diono Radian R120 Car Seat has it all. This all-in-one car seat was previously a convertible car seat, which has added features to act as a seat booster for your child as well. With a front and rear-facing mode and comfortable cushions, this seat will surely be loved in terms of comfort and ease of use by both children and their parents. A harness attachment, which is adjustable, paired with push-on latch connections, makes it the perfect seat in terms of safety and comfort for the child.

Diono Radian R120 Car Seat Review

Push-on latch connections

Adjustable rethread harness straps

Comfortable cushions
Seat base width is not adjustable

Recline cannot be controlled

Armrests are absent


  • The weight and height range for the rear-facing provision for the car seat is 5-45 lbs and less than 44 inches, respectively.
  • The weight and height range for the front-facing provision of the seat is 20-80 lbs and less than 57 inches, respectively.
  • The weight range for the booster is 50-120 lbs, and the total height range is 40-57 inches.
  • The seat weighs 25 lbs with a seat base width of 13 inches and an overall base width of 17 inches.
  • The shell height of the seat is 24 inches, and the overall seat length is 27 inches.
  • The seat booster sports push-on latch connections, which help easily latch it onto the vehicle seat.
  • A rethread harness which is completely adjustable according to your comfort is also attached to the booster.

Special Features:

Diono Radian R120 Car Seat Review

  • Convenience:

The seat is easy-to-use while being an all-in-one seat for all your needs. It can be used by kids of a variety of ages in both rear and forward-facing modes. With the simple push-on latch and adjustable harness, you can easily leave it in your car and avoid any hassles or worries while traveling with your little one being assured of their comfort and safety.

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