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Cosco Easy Elite Car Seat Review

by Blaky
Cosco Easy Elite Car Seat Review

While most car seat boosters for children are designed according to their sizes, there are only a few that keep the shape of the vehicle seat in mind as well. For a car seat booster to fit perfectly in your car, it should have easy recline levels and should be adjustable to fit into the vehicle seat as the last piece fits into a puzzle. The Cosco Easy Elite Car Seat is one such product that comes with adjustable recline levels, a good weight range in both rear and front-facing positions, and recline level indicators. With attached harnesses and soft cushions, the seat is an all-in-one package of everything you need in a baby car seat booster. With latch connections and an attached cup/snack holder, it is one of the most convenient to use products.

Adjustable recline levels

Dual-line recline level indicator present on both sides

Hook-type latch on a connection that easily attaches to the vehicle seat

Cup/snack holder attached

Armrests on both sides
Base width is not adjustable

Multiple recline positions are absent


  • The rear-facing weight range for children suited for the car seat is 5-40 lbs while the rear-facing height range is 19-40 inches.
  • The front-facing weight range for children is 22-50 lbs, while the height range is 29-45 inches.
  • The weight range of the booster is 40-80 lbs with a seat weight of 12 lbs, and the height range is 43-52 lbs.
  • The seat base width is 11 inches, while the overall width is 18 inches. The height of the booster shell is 27 inches with an overall height of 30 inches.
  • It has a hook-type latch connection, which is very easy to attach and a dual-line type recline level indicator present on both sides of the booster.
  • A harness is present on the seat, which is easily adjustable externally.
  • A cup/snack holder and armrests on both sides are also attached.

Special Features:

  • Comfort:

The seat provides optimum levels of comfort to your child. With its super soft cushions and adjustable recline levels, it takes the shape of your kid’s body and keeps them safe and cozy. With an adjustable harness to the front and a hook latch-on connection, it also remains sturdy in its place, keeping the child safe at all times.

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