Chicco Bravo Stroller Review

Chicco Bravo Stroller Review

Chicco Bravo Stroller is among the toughest combinations of the brand, which is versatile with good features. It comes with an ample seat that is comfortable and fast to remove to make a place for the KeyFit. The baby seat can rest to make the ride more suitable for the infant, giving them space to lie down during their nap time. The suspensions on the four swiveling wheels make for a very smooth and comfortable ride are some other special features of the product. The adjustable padded handlebars and the linked rear brakes can quickly fold down, which makes it nice and compact. The construction guarantees that the stroller serves for years, even with large use, and the whole idea is just really smart. The topmost canopy is wide and very useful in shielding your child from the harmful elements and can also be quickly removed to make the stroller light and easier to maintain.

Swivel wheels providing excellent maneuverability

Car-Seat Compatible

Large Storage space

One-touch brakes
Not suitable for six months and under kids

Not suitable for running or jogging


  • The Chicco Bravo strollers emphasize a five-point harness to hold even larger kids securely rested into the seat in an erect position.
  • The width of the stroller is 22 inches, and the weight is 23 pounds.
  • The stroller meets Disney parks’ stroller size requirements.
  • The stroller’s handle under the main seat allows it to collapse and stand on its stands easily.


  • Comfort

The two useful cupholders next to the handlebars, as well as a small storage compartment, make it easy for the parent to carry all the baby items. The larger one can be found under the baby seat with plenty of room to store the essentials. The adjustable canopy, as well as a reclinable back, add more ease and security to the available characteristics they provide. The aspects like folding and unfolding ability, setting the safety apparatus, opening and closing the buckle, adjusting brakes, elevating are the other good features of the product.

  • Maneuverability
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The added KeyGit car seat combination clips conveniently on the border, arranging a better transition among the vehicle and the street. A folding handle under the main seat lets you only drop the stroller, which stays upright on its wheels once you carry it in the desired position. The movement of traveling through edges or around corners with a baby on various surfaces is also supported.

  • Protection

The five-point harness security feature and excellent swivel wheels with added comfort all account for the protection. The safety of the baby can be assured in Chicco’s Bravo stroller as it meets the requirements of the federal stroller safety standard.

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