Chicco Activ3 Stroller Review

Chicco Activ3 Stroller Review

Chicco’s Activ 3 stroller works quite as an everyday stroller, which is possibly the best stroller suitable for running or jogging. A combination of three big, compact, and easy to move wheels that feature suspensions makes this possible of jogging with kid beside you. In most of the jogging strollers, the front wheel can be fastened in a position to prevent it from trembling left and right as you run or jog. However, this Activ3 is distinct because it can be achieved through a command box connected near the handlebars. It is one of the compact strollers and was intended to fold quickly in a single movement, with one hand, and releases merely as effortlessly. The seat uses a breathable 3D mesh material to hold the constant airflow elapsing, providing outstanding ventilation to the kids around any place. The stroller is one of the best Chicco strollers available in the market to complement a sporty and dynamic lifestyle.

Ventilated Infant seat

Car-Seat Compatible

Excellent Suspensions for a smooth ride

Control Box near handlebars
Not suitable for six months and under kids

Large and Heavy


  • A sleeping infant can be moved from a car to the stroller without disturbing his nap, and it comes with all accessories connected to install at least one pattern of the infant car seat.
  • The width of the stroller is 26 inches, and the weight is 27 pounds.
  • The stroller meets Disney parks’ stroller size requirements.
  • One-touch brakes are certainly more familiar to parents using open-toe shoes that are hand-operated with one-touch brake levers.
  • The stroller’s handle can be adjusted for elevation or angle to more fit suit parents of differing heights, and the foldable size of the product is Large.
  • The folded stroller stays upright on its own, making it handy in places, and also the relative folded size is medium for this variety.
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  • Comfort

The ease of use is concentrated due to aspects like folding and unfolding ability, setting the safety apparatus, opening and closing the buckle, adjusting brakes, elevating make it special. The folded stroller is fit for newborns when handled with the infant car seat or second seat in any vehicle. The stroller is fitted with whole KeyFit and Fit2 infant car seats and can be quickly folded using only a single hand.

Chicco Activ3 Stroller Review

  • Maneuverability

Easy to push and pull the stroller on all sorts of surfaces due to its lightweight, and beautiful design. The control box near handlebar and flexible support arm makes it convenient for sliding on any surfaces. 

Chicco Activ3 Stroller Review

  • Protection

With this jogging stroller, the travel adventure is considered exceptional. The safety of the baby can be assured in Chicco’s Activ 3 stroller as it meets the requirements of the federal stroller safety standard. The topmost extendable canopy further supports the protection of the kid.

Chicco Activ3 Stroller Review

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