Boneco 7146 Humidifier Review

Boneco 7146 Humidifier Review

Travelling has its ups and downs. First, you are not sure of the air that awaits you in your destination. Dry air can make you uncomfortable and trigger some conditions such as sinus, dry cough and nose bleeding, among others. Be on the safe side and invest in a Boneco 7146 humidifier. It can dispense cool mist when required.

Its lightweight makes it portable as you move from one spot to another.

It consumes less power when operating.

A lot of people have an easy time operating this humidifier.

You will be notified when the bottles runs out of water.
It can only humidify a small surface area.


  • Boneco 7146 humidifier weighs 1 pound. It has been customized for travel that’s why it is light and well designed to fit in different travel bags.
  • This humidifier has a 78 inch long humidifier that makes allows you to place the humidifier on surfaces that are far from the socket.
  • Boneco 7146 humidifier is powerful enough to dispense mist up to 25 square feet. You can use it for an office and a single room while on the move.
  • This humidifier requires a PET bottle to dispense moisture in a room. Attach the bottle on the humidifier, adjust settings and connect it to power.
  • The Boneco 7146 humidifier moisturizes a room by dispensing cool mist. Ensure the water bottle has water to continue operating normal.
Humidifier StyleStandalone
Humidification MethodCool Mist Ultrasonic
Ideal ForPersonal/Travel
Humidity Range30% to 80%
Moisture Output Per Day1 Gallons
Height3.2 in.
Width2.6 in.
Depth4.4 in.
Weight0.7 lbs.
Maximum Noise Level25 dB
Maximum Wattage15 W
Voltage110-120 V
Cord Length78 in


  • There are different output humidity levels to choose. Thus, you can easily choose the setting that addresses your needs. Simply, adjust the manual knots which are easy to use.
  • Boneco 7146 humidifier has a night light that will illuminate your way at night. This means you not need to turn on and off your lights. Besides, the humidifier is well placed that it doesn’t blind anyone when on the move.
  • Your humidifier will notify you when the water bottle is empty and should be refilled to continue dispensing cool mist in the air.
  • The manufacturers of Boneco 7146 humidifier programmed it to go off when there is no more water to dispense in the air.
  • The silent operating feature makes it easy to seep and concentrate on other matter while it is operating.
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Boneco 7146 Humidifier Review

Cool Mist OnlyYes
Warm Mist OnlyNo
Dual MistNo
Antimicrobial ClaimsNo
Daily Maintenance RequiredNo
Weekly Maintenance RequiredYes
Need to Replace Filter or WickNo
Need to Replace CartridgeNo
Nightlight or Glow in the DarkYes
Indicator for Empty TankYes
Automatic Shut Off When EmptyYes


Equip yourself with a Boneco 7146 humidifier while on the move because you don’t know what the humidity levels of your destination.  

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