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Best Bathroom and Toilet Accessories with Types and Ideas

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Bathroom and Toilet Accessories Ideas

Unique bathroom accessories will help you equip your life and provide comfortable conditions for personal hygiene and personal care. Also, their role is to create a unique style of the interior in the bathroom, which is no less important than the interior of your living room or bedroom. Therefore, we will tell you about the best accessories, and what types of them exist.

Types of Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom and Toilet Accessories Ideas

There are the following essential bathroom accessories:

  • Soap dishes and soap dispensers
  • Toothbrush glasses
  • Towel holders
  • Curtains and rugs
  • Hand dryers
  • Toilet brushes
  • Holders of toilet paper

We should pay special attention to the materials from which the accessories are created. Among them are:

  • Plastic is a budget option that works well for bathrooms with simple, inexpensive renovations. It is lightweight and moisture resistant, but its disadvantage is fragility.
  • Glass accessories are more expensive than plastic ones, but their appearance is much more attractive. Glassware is quite popular in modern interiors. The disadvantage is the difficulty in caring for them.
  • Ceramics are a kind of classic without any visible flaws. Ceramic items are stylish and durable. If your bathroom is made in a classic style, then these accessories will suit it almost perfectly.
  • Metal – products made from stainless metal are as solid and durable as possible, and in bathrooms, they will look organic in modern interior design.

It is not uncommon for manufacturers of bathroom accessories to combine several materials to create products, especially the combination of glass and metal.

What are the Soap Dish and Dispensers?

Best Bathroom and Toilet Accessories

Soap dishes are of two types:

  • Desktop – such soap dishes are placed on the sink (or a cabinet or countertop). The advantage is that they are easy to move from one place to another, and the disadvantage is that it is not always possible to find a place for them.
  • Wall-mounted on the wall using special screws. Although they save space in the bathroom, it is pretty challenging to change the location if necessary.
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The choice of a soap dish should be based on the availability of free space in the bathroom and the characteristics of other accessories. As for dispensers, the following criteria must be considered when purchasing them:

  • Installation method – as with soap dishes, you can buy a desktop or wall-mounted dispenser. Their advantages and disadvantages will be the same.
  • Control – it can be mechanical and touch. The automated version implies pressing a particular button, and the touchscreen immediately reacts to the approach of a hand.
  • Filling – soap is poured into the dispenser in most cases, but some models have a particular disposable cartridge integrated. The second method, although more convenient, forces you to be attached to one brand.
  • Volume – if you have an average family of two or three people, a standard volume dispenser is sufficient. But for a more prominent family, you need to look for options with a larger volume.

Pay attention to all these criteria so as not to make a mistake in your choice.

Types of Glasses for Toothbrushes

Best Bathroom and Toilet Accessories

When choosing glasses, most often, they pay attention to their design. There are other important criteria:

  • Material – earlier, we wrote about the materials of accessories, their pros, and cons. Be sure to consider this moment when buying glass for toothbrushes.
  • Installation method – it can also be wall-mounted and table-top.
  • Shape – ordinary glasses are of a standard form, but some models have unique slots for toothbrushes.

It is also vital that the glass style matches the interior of the entire bathroom and its other elements.

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Varieties of Towel Rails

Best Bathroom and Toilet Accessories

Towel holders are available in the following formats:

  • Ring – this format of holders, although it looks stylish, is designed for one towel. Besides, it dries rather poorly on it due to the specific geometry.
  • Crossbar – is a special rod 30-40 cm long, on which the towel is hung evenly, which is why it dries pretty quickly.
  • Combined version – some holders are made in several crossbars with a unique hook for hanging clothes.

Choose a towel holder with style and practicality in mind.

How to Choose a Bath Mat?

Best Bathroom and Toilet Accessories

In order not to walk on slippery and cold tiles, consider buying a particular rug. When choosing, be guided by the material (synthetics, acrylic, or propylene are an excellent choice), size, and design. It is better to refrain from a rug made of natural fabric since it will not withstand the conditions of the bathroom for a long time.

Choosing the Suitable Hand Dryer

Best Bathroom and Toilet Accessories

The key parameters for choosing a hand dryer are listed below:

  • Type of inclusion – it can be automatic and mechanical.
  • Case material – most often, it is plastic or metal.
  • Engine power and heating elements – models with higher power run faster and more efficiently but at the same time consume more electricity.
  • Drying time.
  • Noise level.

Each parameter is important, so carefully study the device’s technical specifications before deciding on a purchase.

Bathroom accessories are very diverse, like their style, materials, technical parameters, etc. Therefore, first, study all the necessary parameters. It will help you make a bargain purchase that will last a very long time.

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