Amazon Echo Sub Bundle W/2 Echo (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker Review

Amazon Echo Sub Bundle W 2 Echo (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker Review

You should have a smart speaker if you love music and can’t purchase an expensive stereo. The smart speakers are portable and project enough sound for a room. Amazon Echo sub bundle (2nd generation) is one of the quality speakers you should choose. First, its manufacturer has an excellent reputation in the production of quality products. Therefore, be assured of long term service when you grab your device.

Amazon Echo Sub bundle W/2 Echo (2nd Gen) smart speaker allows you to play songs from the internet and your phone. Hence, be assured of unlimited entertainment.

It has an easy to use interface.

Alexa allows you to control what you are listening from the other side of the room.

It has one of the powerful microphones.
It lacks an USB port.

It doesn’t have a rechargeable battery.


  • You can connect this smart speaker with your Smartphone through Bluetooth and play your favorite songs. Your phone should have either android or Fire OS operating system to control what you are playing.
  • Amazon Echo Sub bundle (2nd Generation) smart speaker can be connected only to wireless internet connection. It allows you unlimited playing of music when connected to the internet.
  • This smart speaker comes with a power cable which you should plug to power in order to use your speaker. The power cable is long enough to place your speaker away from the socket.
  • Anyone with Amazon Echo Sub bundle (2nd Generation) smart speaker can text and make calls with their phone while still connected to the speaker.
  • The weight of this smart speaker is 1.8 lbs. As a result, you can comfortably handle it or move from one location to another. Its dimension also allows its users to pack it in their bags.
  • This speaker has an analogue output that enables you to connect it to stereo.
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Amazon Echo Sub Bundle W 2 Echo (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker Review


  • Amazon Echo sub bundle W/2 Echo (2nd Generation) smart speaker grant users’ access to Alexa. It allows you to ask questions, play music; check weather and calendar through your voice. Your device should be connected to internet to access Alexa voice assistant.
  • This smart speaker allows its users to stream songs from various platforms such as Deezer, Spotify and Amazon music, among others. Simply use Alexa to search the name of the artist or song.
  • A lot of individuals go for Amazon Echo Sub bundle W/2 Echo (2nd Generation) smart speaker because of its powerful speakers that can fill a room.
  • There are in-built microphones that can hear commands from the other side of the room or in a noisy environment. You can also disconnect the microphone when not in use.
  • Amazon Echo Sub bundle W/2 Echo (2nd Generation) smart speaker has volume buttons to control the sound levels when enjoying your favorite music.

Amazon Echo Sub Bundle W 2 Echo (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker Review


The petite speaker comes in the form of a cylindrical figure with 7.9 inches high and 8.2 inches wide. It stands on a spherical-shaped disc that acts as a strong base. The speaker is diminutive compared to all other woofers of its niche. It weighs only about 4.21 kilograms or 9.3 pounds. The Echo sub bundle is gracefully fabricated with fabric webbed mesh and edges with exotic curves. Unlike other echoes, the 2nd Gen Amazon Echo sub is available with a black version. One won’t find it’s grey or white versions. Here’s an important note for tech-savvy individuals: The Echo Sub bundle will not provide you with Alexa or the blue ring light. It doesn’t have any buttons either. The subwoofer wouldn’t be able to hear you unless it’s paired with Echo speakers. There is no way to plug in the wires, and hence, the subwoofer will only work with the speakers when connected to it. To connect the subwoofer with the speaker, use the Alexa application.

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It produces satisfactory sound quality but nothing like a home theatre system. Superior echoes do provide a better sound system than sub bundles. It provides the user with good bass but no punch as such to accelerate eargasms. If you are looking forward to mute audio, you have to mute both the speakers. Trebles are comparatively dry, and the level of volume is quite alright.


It is a good choice for those looking for an inexpensive speaker. It is small in size and provides a fairly good bass. However, it doesn’t provide Boombastic sound and would work along with echo speakers only. You can’t connect the speakers with Bluetooth either. If you are looking for cinematic experiences, then try the bigger deals presented by Amazon.

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