Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker Review

Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker Review

You don’t need an expensive budget to find a powerful speaker for your music collection. Go for Amazon Echo studio smart speaker and enjoy every minute of playing your music list. Additionally, it has five in-built speakers that project enough sound in the room. You can also connect your Amazon Echo studio smart speaker with your Smartphone through Bluetooth.

In addition, you can stream music from different platforms through the help of Alexa voice control. This smart speaker can be placed on top of surfaces next to the socket as it is stable due to its weight.

It is among the powerful smart speakers at the moment.

It is stable when placed on top of a surface.

It is easy to use after reading the manual.
Alexa can’t answer all the questions.


  • 3.5 kg– The weight of Amazon Echo studio smart speaker is 3.5 kg. This gives you an assurance that the 5.25 inch length speaker is stable when placed on top of surfaces.
  • The overall charcoal finish of the speaker makes it blend with any color theme in the room.
  • Amazon Echo studio smart speaker is compatible with Wi-Fi internet. Therefore, ensure you have a stable internet connection to access features linked with internet.
  • This smart speaker can be connected to other devices through Bluetooth. You can use your mobile phone to play music on your smart speaker.
  • You are entitled to a power cable when you purchase your Amazon Echo studio smart speaker. The cable supplies power to the device when connected to power.
  • The box comes with a user guide on how to set up your smart speaker and use it.  As a result, you will have an easy time using it.
  • Amazon Echo studio smart speaker allows its users to make calls or send texts with their phones while still connected.
  • This speaker has an audio optical port for those who want additional sound projection while enjoying their favorite music.
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Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker Review


  • In-built five speakers– Amazon Echo studio smart speaker has five in-built speakers that projects enough sound in a room when playing your favorite playlist. The speakers produce bass and crisp highs.
  • Alexa assistant– You will gain the help of Alexa when you connect your device to the internet. It can answer your questions, read news and play your favorite songs through a simple voice command.
  • Automatic adjustment– Amazon Echo studio stands out because it can sense the space in a room and adjust its settings to project quality sound. Hence, you don’t have to dwell much on the sound setting.
  • Streaming– This smart speaker allows you to stream music from different platforms. Pandora, Amazon music, Apple music, Spotify and Tidal are some platforms you can play with your speaker once you are connected to the internet.
  • Microphone– There is in-built microphones to grasp your voice command to Alexa while on the other side of the room.
  • Amazon Echo studio has a microphone off button for privacy whenever required.


The amazon echo studio comes with a sophisticated design with minute details to catch your eyes on. Covered with a robust fabric web design, the cylindrical gadget would be able to control all your smart electrical appliances with a single command. The smart speaker is approximately eight inches tall and seven inches broad. Compared to all the other echo series, the studio is larger than the others. The speaking instruments of two-inch each are rocked on both sides. The volume and mute buttons and Alexa with a blue ring are present on the speaker’s top. For providing the user with good bass, the gaps are cut out from the bottom. Keep in mind that the gadget is quite big and hence, won’t fit on a shelf.

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Moreover, avoid keeping stuff around the speakers to enjoy the directional audio system. The low frequencies are handled by a woofer of 5.25 inches. Such audio systems are perfect for your home-theatre times. The best thing about amazon echo studio is that it gives you a three-dimensional sound effect. It might just feel like the sound is coming from all around you. Control all your smart devices through this speaker without hassles. Moreover, even while playing loud music, the echo would be able to pick up your command without problems.

Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker Review


It gives a robust performance, with a high-quality music system. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best speakers with the home control hub and three-dimensional bandwagon. However, to use the 3D music system, you need to have a paid subscription to Amazon Music HD, which might come a bit pricey each month. You could pair your echo studio with amazon firestick Tv and enjoy a new world of sound and music. Surround your house with cinematic audios and acoustics and join in the magnificent endeavor only with echo studio.


Undoubtedly, Amazon has encompassed the best product yet. With premium-quality sound and its configuration with Alexa made it even better. It is a suitable speaker for anyone looking for a gadget that would provide high bass and robust music. One could easily get eargasms listening to soothing music through amazon echo studio. The vast amassment of features makes it unique as a whole. With ZigBee, one could even be the master of all the e-appliances! It’s not just an astounding speaker but also a great deal for the price it is presented with. Comparing it to its competitors, which coss a little more than echo studio, doesn’t come with such features. So, keep all the above points in mind, the amazon speaker offers the best price with tons of features, and hence, one shouldn’t delay getting it.

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