Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Speaker Review

Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Speaker Review

Are you still confused on the smart speaker to purchase and entertain yourself? Amazon Echo show 5 smart speaker is one of the top smart speakers at the moment. It offers its users unlimited access to music when connected to wireless internet. Additionally, it comes with a screen which plays videos. This guarantees you continuous entertainment.

People love Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart speaker because of its overall performance and its size. This gives individuals an easy time moving with it. Above all, people the user guide is simple for everyone to understand. Purchase this smart speaker and enjoy your favorite music in style.

Its Alexa version is improved and efficient.

It has a modern look.

Its voice call is clear.
Sluggish smart home touchscreen control.


  • 0.9 lbs. – The weight of Amazon Echo Show 5 smart speaker is 0.9 lbs. The manufacturer specifically made this smart speaker easy to carry. Its design allows you to pack it in your bag pack. You will also have an easy time carrying it around.
  • This smart speaker has a 5.5 inch screen. Therefore, you can play music and watch videos. The screen is touch, giving users an easy time to control what they are watching.
  • Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart speaker comes with a power adapter which is 4.9 feet long. Therefore, you can set your smart speaker a few inches from the socket.
  • You can connect phones that have Fire OS or android operating system with this speaker through Bluetooth and play your favorite music.
  • Individuals using Amazon Echo Show 5 can connect their device to Wi-Fi and enjoy online services.
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Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Speaker Review


  • This smart speaker has a front camera that can be used for video calls across different platforms. The camera is clear and can be covered when not in use.
  • Recipe feature– Amazon Echo Show 5 smart speaker grants its users access to some cooking recipes. You should have an internet to access the recipes.
  • Streaming services– This smart speaker allows you to play online music, movies and audio books. As a result, you are assured of unlimited entertainment.
  • You can customize the screen of your speaker to showcase time, weather, date and traffic, among others.
  • Alexa voice assistant-Amazon Echo show 5 Smart Speaker, has a voice assistant called Alexa that takes voice command. This gives you full control over your device by using your voice.
  • This smart speaker allows you to control devices that are compatible with it.
  • There is a microphone off feature which you can use when you want some privacy or don’t want to use Alexa.


The new addition to the eco show speaker range comes with a 5.8 x 3.4 x 2.9 inches screen and 0.41 kilograms or 410 gms in weight. The device has three ports. First is the port for charging, the other is a micro USB port, the third is a 3.5 mm jack for other connections like Bluetooth services. It has a 1MP camera and other useful controls at the front’s top side. The camera is compatible with video calls with both echo devices and Alexa without a doubt. The control comprises volume buttons, to cover the camera by a shutter ad to stop Alexa from listening. All in all, the device has a catchy, chic design loaded with great features.

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Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Speaker Review


Coming to the performance of Amazon Echo Show 5, the quality of the sound of its smart speakers is phenomenal in terms of volume and clarity. With just one voice command, the device enables you to watch any show available on Amazon Prime, shop from Amazon in. set reminders and schedules, recite recipes of your preferred chef, and much more. It’s a powerhouse of features to make life easier, A virtual helping hand.


Amazon Echo Show 5 is a smart and helpful device to have at your place or office. The display, sound, performance is smooth and user friendly. It is a good speaker plus screen to have in this price range, which doesn’t occupy much space to be flexibly placed. Not only does it display a smart clock, but it also acts as a powerful speaker producing good sound quality. The compact size makes it easier for it to fit anywhere. It comes with a mute button too. With such a pocket-friendly budget, it would be a perfect accessory for any house.

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