Achiote: Health Benefits, Side Effects, Uses, Dose & Precautions

Annatto Health Benefits

Achiote is a plant used to manufacture food coloring and medicine from the seeds of Bixa Orellana. It is not well understood in general, yet it accounts for around 70% of natural food colors. The very tall achiote is utilized for art, cosmetics, and a range of medical therapies in many countries of South and Central America. It is available in various forms, including powder, paste, liquid, and essential oil.

The color of achiote is caused by chemicals known as carotenoids. This chemical is found in the achiote seed’s outer layer. It’s also in fruits and vegetables like carrots and tomatoes. Achiote is used to not only improve the color of food but also to make it taste better. It would not be incorrect to say that achiote is used as a spice in cooking. The flavor of achiote is slightly sweet. It also has a nut and flower scent.

Where to Buy Achiote?

Achiote is available in a variety of forms. It comes in the shape of seeds as well as a paste. You can also acquire it in the form of spices and use it in your shopping. Achiote powder is frequently used with herbs and spices. If you have a food allergy, you must carefully read the label.

What are The Uses of Achiote?

Annatto Health Benefits

Diabetes, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, malaria, hepatitis, fever, excessive cholesterol, and blood pressure are all treated with achiote. It is also used by doctors to improve heart health and clear the lungs. It is utilized for sexual enhancement and urinary wellness. Achiote can be applied topically to heal burns and other wounds, as well as vaginal or eye infections. It is also used to paint the body. Achiote is a condiment used to improve the flavor of foods. Its scent is best described.

BPH stands for benign prostatic hyperplasia (benign prostatic hyperplasia; BPH). Early research indicates that utilizing achiote daily for 12 months does not help BPH symptoms. It is useful in the following circumstances.

  • Vaginal Infection
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Diabetes
  • In the problem of fever
  • Heartburn
  • Fluid Barrier
  • Malaria disease
  • Hepatitis disease
  • It is also used for burns
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How does Achiote Work?

There is insufficient scientific evidence about how achiote works. Further research is required in this area. It contains a wide range of plant compounds. Some of these compounds have antioxidant properties and can destroy germs.

Benefits of Achiote

It can help with heart problems. Achiote contains tocotrienols, a type of vitamin E that helps with age-related cardiac problems.

According to certain research, achiote may be beneficial in lowering inflammation in the body.

Different Uses of Achiote

They used to paint their bodies with achiote. This is also known as the traditional use of achiote. It is also an insect repellent. In addition, it treats ulcers and skin problems. Nowadays, achiote is primarily utilized as a natural food color. It is very commonly seen in baked goods. In certain regions, the achiote seeds are ground and combined with other spices before being added to the dish. It is used in the Mexican meal of slow-cooked pig. Its middle is also employed in the production of essential oil. Externally, essential oils are applied to the skin. It is not utilized in food since it can cause harm to the body.

Achiote for Eye Health

Achiote can be used to improve eye health. It has the potential to improve eye health. Achiote has a lot of carotenoids, which are good for your eyes. The carotenoids bixin and norbixin are abundant in achiote. It is located in the achiote’s outer layer and is responsible for the seed’s brilliant yellow-to-orange color. Animal studies have shown that achiote ingestion helps to decrease age-related macular degeneration.

Anticancer Property in Achiote

Cancer can be fought with Achiote. This information was revealed during the test tube trial. In a test tube investigation, it was discovered that achiote extract works to inhibit the growth of cancer cells while also working to trigger the death of those cells that are fast expanding by increasing cancer. Is. That is because achiote possesses anti-carcinogenic qualities, it can lessen the incidence of cancer. Anticancer chemicals discovered in achiote include the carotenoids bixin and norbixin, as well as tocotrienols. They are also known as a form of Vitamin E. This has not yet been studied in humans.

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Antimicrobial Properties in Achiote or Annatto

Achiote has antibacterial properties, according to Riches. Several bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, are inhibited in test tube experiments by achiote. Annatto not only inhibits the growth of bacteria but also kills fungus. In test tube investigations, achiote extract inhibited the growth of fungus. It inhibits the growth of Aspergillus niger, Neurospora sitophila, and Rhizopus stolonifer, among others.

Achiote or Annatto, Rich in Antioxidant Properties

Achiote has antioxidant properties. Carotenoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and tocotrienols are all found in achiote. Antioxidants are substances that protect the body from free radicals. Free radicals cause cell damage while also causing cells to mutate, increasing the risk of cancer. High levels of free radicals have been linked to chronic illnesses such as cancer, neurological disorders, heart disease, and diabetes.

The preceding material is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Further human investigations on the therapeutic benefits of achiote are required. If you wish to ingest achiote, you should first get some information about it from a professional.

Precautions for Using Achiote

It is generally safe to consume for the majority of people. It should be avoided under the following conditions:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding. There is no evidence that achiote is safe to ingest when pregnant or breastfeeding, therefore avoid it during these times.

Diabetes. Using this may cause your blood sugar level to rise or fall. As a result, you should monitor your blood sugar levels regularly. If you have diabetes and use achiote as a medication, you may need to adjust the dosage of your diabetic medication.

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Surgery. Achiote may impair blood sugar management during or after surgery. If you are about to have surgery, you should cease using achiote at least two weeks beforehand.

The preceding material is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Do seek advice from a herbal expert before ingesting Achiote.

What does Achiote Taste Like?

You won’t taste it if you use it sparingly or add it to food in moderation. If you put more of it in, it will taste bitter and have the scent of soil in it; you may also smell it like the smell of mint.

Side Effects of Achiote

When used in moderation, achiote is considered safe for most people. Consuming 750 mg of achiote powder for 12 months should not be harmful, although it is unknown whether achiote seed is suitable for use as a medicine. And may it be applied to the skin or the eyes? Contact the doctor to learn more.

What is The Correct Dosage of Achiote?

The dose of achiote is not well understood. Its dosage is determined by a number of factors. The doctor determines your dosage based on your age, medical condition, and other factors. Never, ever self-medicate. A minor error on your part can be hazardous. Contact a doctor for the proper dosage.

How to Store Achiote?

We can keep achiote seeds for a long time; you can keep them for up to three years. It can be kept in a dark cupboard away from light in an airtight glass container. When stored in a glass jar in the refrigerator, achiote oil can be kept for a few months.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. The majority of the information on this achiote has been provided in this article. If you have any of the physical issues listed above, this herb may be beneficial to you. When using it, keep in mind that not all herbs are suitable for everyone. Before using it, see your doctor or herbalist.

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