9 Examples to Explain What Colors Represent According to Feng Shui

Feng Shui Colors for Home

Knowing the significance of each color in Feng Shui can help you create calm and abundance in your home.

We must keep in mind that the basic tenet of the Feng Shui philosophy is to live in harmony with the environment. For Feng Shui, everything, element, color, and position has vital importance. To develop a balance within our environment and our home, it is vital to understand what each of these things signifies in order to attain balance and energetic harmony.

Given that each color has a connection to an element and represents a different aspect of our existence, they are very significant in this particular application of Feng Shui. Depending on how colors are used in our home, we may balance the energy and remove any blockages or stagnation that keep us from experiencing prosperity and wealth. Here, we go over the Feng Shui meanings of each hue and how to employ them in your own home.


Feng Shui Colors for Home

The elements of Earth and wood are associated with the color brown in feng shui. They stand for security, safety, and stability. It is advised to utilize it in workplace settings and in unbalanced or challenging home situations. Brown should be used sparingly because too much of it might cause energy to stagnate. Instead, use it in conjunction with hues like yellow, white, or beige.

White Grey

Feng Shui Colors for Home

In Feng Shui, the color white is related to the metal element and symbolizes intellectualism as well as success away from home, such as travel, acquiring a broad cultural background, and living abroad. A completely white home can be stressful and icy, therefore when utilizing white, you must balance it with more bright tones like green, blue, or orange to keep the energy balanced.

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Feng Shui Colors for Home

Black is a Feng Shui color that represents the water element. It is typical for all office furniture to be this hue because it symbolizes professional accomplishment. Additionally, because doing so would make people feel anxious, it should only be used to highlight specific places rather than painting a whole room black. Because the black hue is meant to stand out, anytime you utilize it in your home, use furnishings or decorations to do so.


Feng Shui Colors for Home

One of the most significant hues in Feng Shui is purple, which stands for spirituality and consciousness. Experts link it to physical, mental, and emotional healing. Ironically, because it is so intimately associated with spiritual prosperity, it also refers to luxury and abundance. To establish a favorable energy balance, the spectrum of purple tones should be used wherever possible. It is advised to utilize it in the bedrooms and add a few accents of purple to the bathroom.


Feng Shui Colors for Home

Since the element of water is intimately associated with the color blue in Feng Shui, it is said to indicate fluidity and prosperity. Dark blue denotes knowledge, whereas light blue connotes wellbeing and relaxation. Due to its connection to water and constant movement, other all in blue can be used in the area of money and success. It can be used in the living room or the hallway and can be paired with white, beige, or brown.


Feng Shui Colors for Home

The wood element is associated with the color green in Feng Shui. This color represents expansion, blooming, and newness. Being connected to the nature of food, Feng Shui advises employing it in the kitchen. And to increase the energy of our home, it needs to have plants and flowers so that it is in close proximity to the outside world. It is advised to pair it with beige, white, and yellow while always adding minor pops of color.

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Feng Shui Colors for Home

According to Feng Shui, the color yellow is associated with the fire element. It is a direct representation of the sun, which is why warmth, joy, camaraderie, and a slight movement are all associated with it. It is a challenging hue since excessive usage of it disrupts mental and domestic serenity and produces worry. It is best to pair it with shades of pale blue, beige, brown, or white.


Feng Shui Colors for Home

Orange and the colors that resemble it are related to fire. In the areas of celebrity and public relations as well as reputation, experts advise utilizing this color since it connotes sensuality, emotional excitation, and euphoria. Because it is so vivid, it should only be used sparingly and only in conjunction with dark hues like brown, white, beige, or black. It should be employed in the hallway or living room and comes in the form of pillows, blankets, or frames.


Feng Shui Colors for Home

According to Feng Shui, red is the best depiction of fire. It is almost widely understood to indicate sexuality, love, passion, and resolve. In the home and in particular spaces like bedrooms, this strong color should only be used very sparingly and with little touches. It should also be employed in the space with floral accents to show its vigor; roses, gardenias, or other red flowers are suitable choices.

A smart strategy to achieve a healthy balance in our home is to use colors intelligently in accordance with the meanings that Feng Shui assigns to them. Sometimes we experience excessive fatigue, tension, or low spirits without being aware that these feelings are directly correlated with our geographic location. But now that we know about Feng Shui, we can find a number of remedies to these issues.

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