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6 Types of Ceramic Tiles that are Currently in Fashion

by Blaky
Types of Ceramic Tiles

Do you want your bathroom to be on-trend? Please choose one of these types of tiles or mix them.

Of course, a hog and snow-white ceramic squares are good, but sometimes you want something new and unusual. You don’t need to buy red tiles or choose a colorful pattern right away, and you can stay in a neutral field and still have a stylish bathroom. Here are six tile trends you’ll love.

1. Large Format

Types of Ceramic Tiles

Minimalism, simplicity, restraint, and spaciousness are in fashion: the fewer borders and corners, the better. When the entire wall is in the seams between the tiles, it looks uncomfortable. The interior loses its integrity. Besides, it is more difficult to relax in such an environment. We can avoid chipping by using large tiles. And if at the same time, it is also seamless (there are such technologies), you will get the perfect one-piece wall.

2. Unusual Shape

Types of Ceramic Tiles

Everyone is familiar with rectangles and squares, but today there are many rhombuses, hexagons, triangles, fish scale tiles on the market. There are tiles without corners, any irregular shapes, and even round. We can mix all these forms, select unusual shades for them, add complex shapes, and generally play the artist in all available ways.

3. Volume

Types of Ceramic Tiles

The form is not only about the plane. Gone are the days when a wall with tiles had to be perfectly smooth. Today, the relief is a sign of the great taste and courage of the owner of the interior. We have specially selected examples with snow-white volumetric tiles. It does not need any color or pattern to be original: light, shadow, pleasant tactile sensations, and high quality make it unique.

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4. Imitation of Natural Materials

Types of Ceramic Tiles

Eco-friendly interiors in natural materials and shades will not go out of fashion for a long time, or rather, never at all. But it is expensive and impractical to use wood, stone, concrete and similar materials everywhere, including wet areas in the home. There is a tile that imitates not only the pattern but also the texture of any natural material. Moreover, it will be much easier to install and operate and no less environmentally friendly.

5. Optical Illusions

Types of Ceramic Tiles

All kinds of psychedelic and “volumetric” drawings save when there is no way to use relief tiles. Still, you need to visually expand the space, divert attention from defects, protrusions, and irregularities. It is also just unusual and looks beautiful, especially in modern interiors.

6. Terrazzo

Types of Ceramic Tiles

This material is always in fashion. All sorts of its imitations, including just a drawing, are also relevant. A tile with a terrazzo pattern or created using its technology looks more unusual and modern than a boring patchwork, and at the same time not as strict and graphic as famous geometry.

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