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6 Tips and Ideas for Choosing Modular Living Room

by Blaky
Modular Living Room

Remember the bulky Soviet walls that were considered the pride of the family? After all, they still had to be able to get them! At that time, it was the height of convenience and comfort, a kind of indicator of well-being. Now they have been replaced by modular headsets that take up less space, can be easily transformed, and consist only of those elements that you need. You couldn’t think of anything better! Therefore, let’s figure out how to choose a modular living room to appreciate all the advantages of this type of furniture.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modular Living Rooms

Modular Living Room

The first living room headsets appeared in Europe back in the 50s, and they came to our country a little later – by the 70s. Until that time, it was difficult to furnish the living room in a more or less uniform style – it was necessary to find a wardrobe, a table, sideboards, a chest of drawers, etc. We would combine that. Not everyone wanted to spend time, effort, and money on this, so many living rooms looked not quite harmonious then. Functionality was at the forefront, and if we are talking about Soviet apartments, then the very presence of a living room was already a luxury.

The first walls made it possible to decorate the hall aesthetically. It is possible to hide a bunch of necessary things and little things, which we neatly hide behind the doors, and for a show, under glass, put the best sets and plates. Now we understand all the shortcomings of the Soviet walls.

They were bulky, took up a good part of the living room. We can connect elements in a specific sequence, i.e., we could not swap sections. And in general, maybe you did not need this wardrobe or cabinet at all, but there was no choice. Plus, the assortment was small, and all the headsets were similar to each other.

Modular Living Room

The disadvantages of outdated, bulky headsets have been eliminated in modular living rooms. They are made up of individual elements that can be swapped around, just like in a constructor. Hence the many benefits of modular living rooms:

  • You can choose those pieces of furniture that you need. For example, you need a TV stand, a chest of drawers and several nightstands, but you have a wardrobe in the bedroom, and you don’t need it in the living room, so you don’t overpay for it in a ready-made set;
  • The ability, if necessary, to purchase the required element. If there is a need for a new section, or it is needed to replace a damaged component, it will be possible to find a suitable module, since manufacturers, creating a series, usually do not change color and design;
  • The ability to install sections like so is a salvation for living rooms with a non-standard layout. We can use the same set to equip an angular or linear living room, symmetrical or asymmetrical. It will be possible to rearrange and refresh the interior without making purchases of new furniture – simply by swapping the existing modules;
  • When moving, it will be possible not to buy new furniture – you can take the existing living room with you, and arrange the modules a little differently, following the dimensions of the new living room, and, if necessary, buy the missing elements;
  • A vast selection of modular headsets and a variety of different elements for them;
  • Modern appearance: The modular headset does not overload the space. (even if the furniture is made in a classic style).

The only drawback is that there is a possibility that when you need to buy a new module or replace an existing one, they may not be on sale. It is possible if you bought the headset for a long time or from a one-day manufacturer, therefore always order furniture in trusted places.

Elements of a Modular Living Rooms

Modular Living Room

Buying a new headset should start with a dull but vital procedure – taking measurements. Next, you need to think about what elements in the living room you need, what configuration would be most convenient. For a snack – think over the color and style, the features of the fittings, and the materials used.

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We can include numerous elements in a modular living room, but among the main ones, we note the following:

  • Cabinets of various sizes and types: with one or two doors, hanging and floor-standing, with blind or transparent glass doors, brackets, shelves, or drawers. Of course, if possible, it is better to put a large wardrobe for things in the bedroom, but otherwise, you can look for a more extensive wardrobe so that almost the entire wardrobe can fit in the living room.
  • Pencil cases are a handy thing, necessary for storing all sorts of little things, books, disks, gadgets and wires, documents, etc. Pencil cases with transparent doors can be used as showcases, placing on the shelves, for example, your collection of plates or figurines brought from different countries. If the display is of particular value, and you would like to focus attention on it, then you can choose a backlit pencil case or later organize it yourself using an LED strip.
  • Tables and tables for TV. To begin with, many people prefer to hang the TV on the wall. It is especially true if there are children and pets in the house, whose careless movement can lead to a local disaster. If you nevertheless decide to put the TV on a stand, it is better to choose a cabinet whose space can be used as additional storage space. Low long stands, originally intended only for storage, will be an excellent solution for installing a TV panel.
  • Cabinets of different lengths and heights are an excellent place to store your necessities and unnecessary things. You can place several decor items on them or even put a TV on. Recently, long low bedside tables have been increasingly used, characterized by sufficient spaciousness, but at the same time do not clutter up space – ideal for small living rooms.
  • Wall shelves of various configurations: open and closed, single, double and triple, customary and non-standard shapes.
  • Bookcases are suitable if the living room is combined with an office or library, or if you are just a fan of paper books;
  • Coffee tables are also sometimes sold as part of a modular living room, but many prefer to choose the product themselves to create a more original interior.
  • Dressers will be especially relevant if the living room is combined with the bedroom.
  • Racks.

These elements can be so different in design, shape, and size that there are countless options for modular living rooms.

Modular Headsets Configuration

Modular Living Room

A modular living room is modular so that the elements can be assembled as you like and used in virtually any room. But there are still some specific headsets that will not work in all cases. By configuration, modular living rooms can be divided into the following types:

  • Rectilinear – Since the modules can be installed along with one of the walls and evenly distributed between two or even three walls. Elements can be placed in two rows, L- or U-shaped, but still, such living rooms look best when all sections are located along with one of the walls. There are most of these headsets;
  • Corners include a corner cabinet or cabinet to make the most efficient use of the corner space. It is an excellent choice for small living rooms. The versatility of such headsets is curtailed since the corner piece of furniture can only be placed in the corner;
  • A mini wall or mini TV slide is a solution for small living rooms. The headset serves as a TV frame, hence the name. As a rule, it consists of a cabinet, shelves, and several cabinets or cases. It is a particular case of the usual straight-line typeface.

Manufacturing Material

Modular Living Room

We can make modular furniture from the following materials:

  • Wood is a premium option, the advantage of which will be environmental friendliness, naturalness, durability, strength, and pleasant aroma, but such a wall will also cost accordingly. The color and pattern will depend on the breed. The wood can be varnished (the natural design is preserved) or painted (only the texture is preserved, popular in Provence). Furniture made of oak, walnut, cedar, mahogany, beech, and cherry looks especially beautiful. All furniture can be made from solid wood, but more often, there is an option when the frame is made of chipboard or MDF, and the facade is made of wood;
  • MDF is the material that is optimal in terms of price/quality ratio. It is safe and durable, and after processing, it can imitate the texture of any wood. This effect is achieved through the use of veneer (a thin cut of natural wood) or laminated film. In the latter case, you can print any image at all. MDF boards can be covered with glossy plastic or painted – there are options for every taste. Moreover, we can use the material to create facades of any shape;
  • Particleboard is a more budgetary analog of MDF, which is inferior to environmental friendliness. Therefore, always pay attention to the indicator of emission of toxic substances. It should be at the level of E0-E1. Particleboard is more sensitive to water, but in the living room, it is not so important. The material does not give such broad freedom in creating facades of unusual shapes, like MDF and wood, and fastenings in chipboard hold up worse, but such furniture is the cheapest.

Glass and mirror elements can be used as decor, and sometimes their area is significant.

Modular Headset Color

Modular Living Room

Here’s where the natural variety is. It’s in the shades of furniture! You can choose the right solution for absolutely any living room. Naturally, it would help if you tried to make the headset in harmony with the interior and other pieces of furniture. Here are some tips to rely on when choosing a modular living room wall:

  • Light shades are a win-win option, especially if the area of ​​the room is small. You can look for white glossy furniture for the smallest living rooms that will reflect light, due to which space will seem at least a little more significant. Headsets of light gray, beige, olive, and similar shades will look great. Such furniture will not significantly clutter up space, will keep the room fresh, and will not get bored soon;
  • Brown wood shades are an option for classic living rooms. They look conservative but never go out of style;
  • Gray and dark black headsets are a non-standard solution for a modern interior. In contrast to the light-colored walls, such furniture looks especially elegant. It is better to use it is not the smallest living rooms, and for medium-sized rooms, you can find a compromise solution – dark glossy facades;
  • Headsets in bright colors. Orange, red, green, and purple walls are not easy to find since few people dare to use such a peculiar solution. If the choice fell on just such a bright headset, then all other living room details should be in calmer shades since the main thing in design is balance. The compromise is a combination of a neutral and a bright shade in a headset. There are many such options. For example, let the floor units and wardrobe be dark and some hanging cabinets red. If you buy a modular headset, then all the elements will be in the same style. Red cabinets will need to be supported with, for example, pillows, an armchair or table in the same color;
  • Monochrome headsets are a profitable solution if you think that light furniture is too dull, bright furniture is too bold, and black is very gloomy. Black and white, beige and brown, and white and gray headsets look sleek and stylish.

Separately, it is worth noting the headsets, the facades of which are decorated with a pattern or pattern. Naturally, this is not the universal solution, but it will be appropriate in some interiors. Remember that using a functional design on furniture, it is better to make the rest of the living room items neutral, monochromatic, and without a pattern.

Modular Living Room Style

Modular Living Room

If we make the living room in minimalism, then the furniture should also be in minimalism—living room in Provence style – Provence style furniture. Everything is simple.  Here are some unique features:

  • Minimalism is enough simple furniture without decor, drawings, and intricate forms. We can make monochromatic headsets often made in light colors, but you can find enough gray, dark gray, and black products. Conciseness, precise forms, maximum functionality, correct geometry are held in high esteem. No fillets. Glass, plastic, and metal inserts are welcome. We can complement simple and plain furniture with bright accessories;
  • Hi-tech has not gone very far from minimalism, but the furniture in this style is even more ascetic. Also, in high esteem, maximum simplicity and conciseness, only metal, glossy, and glass inserts can be more. The emphasis is on modern technology so that the center of the living room should be a large TV. Color palette – shades of white, black, metallic, you can dilute the grayness with one or two bright accessories;
  • The classic is light furniture, possibly with brown accents. Look towards more imposing and massive headsets made of wood or its imitation. The decor holds in high esteem. These are carvings, all kinds of curls, floral ornaments, intricate handles on furniture drawers and cupboards;
  • The loft is a unique style in terms of choosing a modular living room. In a loft, the most modern things can successfully coexist with antiques so that we can install almost any wall – the main thing is to combine it with other interior items correctly;
  • Provence is light shades, floral motifs, artificially aged things, wood, and rattan. When decorating the living room in this style, you can use the old headset, carrying out a minor restoration. You can find a suitable new one with floral patterns, forged inserts, beautiful metal handles;
  • Scandinavian style is the simplest furniture in white or light colors. Functionality is in the first place, not beauty, but this is the beauty of this style. The room should have the maximum possible amount of light and space, therefore use only the most necessary modules;
  • Modern is furniture with smooth, rounded, and even irregular shapes. When placing modules, you should also forget about symmetry.

Modular Living Room

Once again, we note that the range of modular living rooms is so vast that it will not be challenging to choose the furniture of the required style.

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The last tip – do not forget to carefully carry out all measurements and think over the location of the modules, based on the parameters of the living room and the necessary functionality. Pay attention to the quality of the fittings.

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