6 Simple & Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021

Uses of black and white color at Christmas time. On previous occasions, we have presented various proposals in interior decoration in which we apply the combination of two glorious colors: black and white. It is a combination, and we cannot say modern because it had its origin many years ago, but contemporary because it never loses validity since its elegance and distinction makes it always present among the decoration trends.

We have seen everything from black and white kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and living rooms. This combination looks good in any room in the house.

Many people dare to bet on the combination of black and white for a Christmas decoration despite its charm.

How to Decorate for Christmas?

Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021

It may be because tradition teaches us more colorful and cheerful Christmas decorations ( although the combination of black and white does not take away this quality ) where red and green are the star colors of any environment. But this is a mandatory rule to follow, everyone can decorate Christmas to their liking and we, on this occasion, have decided to risk a black and white Christmas decoration.

It is an excellent proposal to decorate offices at Christmas. Of course, those who seek to decorate a living room or a dining room in a different way than the traditional one can also opt for this attractive combination as it will give it a much more modern and original look.

Perhaps black seems a bit dark and even sad color to be used in Christmas decorations. Still, suppose we know how to apply it. In that case, we can take great advantage of it since all its negative characteristics contradict the lighting and the freshness of white giving resulting in a balanced and harmonious environment.

Ideally, white is the base color of the decoration, and black is used only in decorative details. In previous posts, we have presented you with the idea of ​​wearing a black Christmas tree; it seems a bit strange, but when decorating it with white ornaments, it looks charming. Also, if you still notice that your black and white Christmas decoration lacks a bit of light and shine, then we recommend adding some silver and gold details. These are two other shades that look perfect on a white or black background as they can stand out very well.

To further increase the appeal of the black and white Christmas decoration, we will try to play with sizes, shapes, and textures since we do not have many more possibilities in colors. In decoration stores, you will find a wide variety of Christmas decorations in these colors. Some of them are presented with stripes, dots, or star prints so that you can combine them and achieve a much more beautiful decoration. If you are a creative person, you can also create your ornaments for a black and white Christmas decoration.

Decorating the Dining Room for Christmas

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021

One of the rooms in the house requires some attention when decorating. And due to its functionality and being a place open to guests in the dining room.

This Christmas, there are thousands of ideas with which you can give a much more elegant, attractive, and original touch to the dining room, where using some ornaments will create a spectacular focal point.

The first thing to do when decorating the dining room is to create a focal point that draws people’s attention when entering this place. For example, the focal point by tradition in a dining room falls on the Christmas table. Therefore the most fabulous decoration should be direct to this structure.

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To decorate the table in a way that reflects the Christmas spirit, you should only use tablecloths, decorations, accessories, napkins, and some dishes with Christmas colors and motifs, avoiding overloading the place. The traditional thing is to place a tablecloth to Christmas and a centerpiece, such as a glass container with spheres and dried pinecones. To give the final touch, put some candles with motifs according to the theme.

It is good that some decorative accessories are located around the table to complement this decoration. They should also provide a much more welcoming and natural environment for accessories. We can use garlands, stars on the walls, mistletoes, wreaths, candles, and most importantly: the Christmas tree. The trick to decorating the dining room is to maintain a certain decorative balance and total harmony, never getting overloaded and thus maintaining and transmitting the Christmas spirit.

In furniture, you can use some details to give it more originality, personality, and style. These details we can make with a bit of craftsmanship, and for example, you can create beautiful angel wings for the table chairs, garlands for the mirrors, and some Christmas wreaths for the cabinets.

How to Decorate the Front Door at Christmas?

Decorating the door of the home for Christmas!

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021

When decorating the house with a Christmas touch, each home area should be valued according to its importance and especially its use. The areas that require more decoration are those that visitors access, such as the living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and especially the house’s exterior, which becomes the most important for reflecting a Christmas touch at home.

For the exterior, the ornaments that we can use are very varied, the most widely used being the Christmas wreaths, which create the perfect lighting and at the same time provide color and more extraordinary life throughout the place. We must consider when decorating the garden and the facade, windows, and doors—always respect the tastes and personality of the person.

The door is the first thing that we must decorate since this is the face of the house. To illustrate it, you can use various Christmas motifs to provide a much more attractive and warm touch throughout the place. Among the most widely used ornaments, the crowns located in the center of the door stand out, where their simplicity comes to provide that elegant and colorful touch at the entrance of the home.

Another ornament traditionally used in the entrance door decoration is the garlands, be it natural or artificial. It would help if you placed wreaths around the door frame, and to highlight them add some bows, spheres, and Christmas lights to add more color and life.

Suppose you want to create a perfect decoration. In that case, the wreath can be unified with the garlands and further accentuate the Christmas style, and we can add lights, either in one color or in several colors. The lights become the perfect complement to this decoration, and they bring lighting, joy, and above all, movement to the entire entrance.

Decorate the Columns of Your House for Christmas

How to decorate the columns of your house for Christmas?

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021

The columns, regardless of where they are or their function, are architectural elements of great importance in decoration and even more so in thematic decorations such as Christmas.

No one can deny that the columns provide a fascinating visual appeal to the interior or exterior environments. We find these in the garden and the entrance of the house. When it comes time to start with the Christmas decorations to welcome this season, the columns are one of the main elements that we have to focus on.

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How to Decorate the Columns at Christmas?

The truth is that it only takes a small amount of creativity to make them incredible decorations. Although it may seem that the columns make decoration difficult, we dare to say that thanks to them our decorations will be more colorful and attractive. Our first idea is to decorate columns at Christmas.

You can see this in the previous photo. Here we see how green We can use Christmas garland wrapped around the two entrance columns.

These are very typical decorations at Christmas, they have the function of wanting to imitate the Christmas tree, and the best thing is that they are effortless to place since it is enough to hold it at one end, take a few turns, and then the end and voila! Don’t limit yourself to just green garlands. If you want your house’s entrance to look more cheerful and lively, you can go for other traditional colors for these dates such as red or blue.

As a garden decoration, we can also extract an excellent idea to decorate columns at Christmas. This time we will not use garlands but will replace them with Christmas lightsThe lights are essential in the decoration of these dates. If we look carefully at the first proposal in the photo, we see that these little lights are also present.

We can place Christmas lights around the trees in the garden, but we will take this idea to decorate the columns. In the market, we find an infinite offer of Christmas lights in different colors, shapes, and sizes, so you have many possibilities for decoration. Also, keep in mind that if you are going to decorate outdoor spaces, you should look for waterproof lights so that they are not ruined after the first rain or snowfall.

Location of the Christmas Tree According to Feng Shui

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021

Feng Shui is an oriental technique used in interior decorations to create more harmonious environments, so it is highly recommended at Christmas time so that its elements do not unbalance our spaces. The philosophy of Feng Shui applied in the decoration of our interior spaces allows us to enjoy a much more favorable environment since, through various elements, it seeks the harmony of the territories.

When Christmas is approaching, and we begin to plan its decoration, it is highly recommended to consider the principles of Feng Shui to base ourselves on them and not allow this decoration to disharmonize our spaces. Although it is difficult to believe, the Christmas decoration often unbalances our environments, making them look recharged and even messy.

One of the most critical issues in Christmas decoration is the Christmas tree. Where to place it? It is the protagonist of all ornamentation, so everything related to it is vital. That is why in this article, we want to tell you a little about what Feng Shui says about the location of the Christmas tree.

According to the area in which we want luck and favor this coming year, Eastern beliefs say the Christmas tree should be located. As the image shows, in case of longing for a better relationship with your partner or making your dream of getting married come true, you must place the tree in the room in the direction indicated by this symbol.

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Feng Shui represents each element of nature with a particular color. That is why we can also see the colors in which we must decorate the Christmas tree to reinforce this kind of positive energy that they transmit. You can place the Christmas tree in other rooms of the house, but Feng Shui recommends it in the living room because this is a place where the whole family gathers, so the idea is that prosperity, love, peace, and happiness are also concentrated here.

Light Blue Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021

Light blue is not a color that is among the traditional range of Christmas colors. For this reason, it is not a color that is seen much in the decorations of this season. The fact that it is not a classic color like red and green. For this reason, it is not widely used, does not mean that it is a forbidden color in Christmas decorations and what is more, those of us who like to innovate can lean towards it since it offers us excellent results.

The Christmas decorations Allow us to use our imagination and creativity to modify to our liking. We can implement the use of the blue color. A light blue Christmas decoration should be related to snowy Christmas since this color is quite cold, so that it would fit right in with this beautiful theme. Nowadays, decoration stores present us with original Christmas items, so it will not be difficult to find light blue decorations such as balls, garlands, and stars.

Even in an online Internet store, I could see that in the Christmas catalog this year, they have presented a blue-light blue Christmas tree, perfect for those of us who want to create this decorative style. A tree of these characteristics would become the focal point of the room, and of course, it would attract all the eyes and applause. This tree can be decorated with white ornaments since if our light blue Christmas would be inspired by snowy Christmas, nothing better than combining the light blue tone with white to create a harmonious contrast full of beauty.

Another option would be to buy a white Christmas tree, much more common and inexpensive, and decorate it with light blue balls and other decorations representing the snow to continue within the same theme. We have thousands of possibilities to create our light blue Christmas decoration since, although the Christmas tree is significant, it is not the only element that we must decorate.

The entire living room must be dressed in this tone since, according to the colorimetry, light blue is a highly recommended color to decorate these rooms because it is a tone that transmits calm and relaxation, exactly what we need in this season of preparation, anxiety, and tension. To complement the decoration, we recommend that you take advantage of the textiles that are so important in the image of the environment to add amounts of light blue.

In any store in your city, you can buy tablecloths, curtains, and cushion covers in this tone, and you can even make them yourself by purchasing fabric in this color and putting your creativity to work. Finally, in your light blue Christmas decoration, it would be ideal for implementing decorative glass items. The glass is in a light blue tone capable of filling any space with beauty and charm, which would benefit our decorative project.

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