5 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Cool and Comfortable

Small Kitchen Design

Cooking in a kitchen with only a few square meters is complex. The atmosphere might be overwhelming at any time, and the lack of comfort is noticeable. In these situations, it’s ideal to create a sense of spaciousness that makes the stay enjoyable.

In the following article, we will provide you with a number of suggestions for making your kitchen more comfortable.

The Colors

Small Kitchen Design

First and foremost, avoid mixing different materials or colors and instead opt for a more uniform look. Overcrowding the kitchen creates an uncomfortable claustrophobic situation. Choosing a minimalist design with white as the primary color is preferable.

When it comes to creating a great sense of spaciousness in the kitchen, bright tones and natural light are vital. If you want something more vibrant and bright, go for hues like light blue or light green, but don’t go overboard. When providing space depth and breadth, the glossy finish is ideal.

It is best to achieve visual unity if the kitchen is small and open to the living area. As a result, don’t be afraid to use the same hue on the kitchen and dining room walls.

Kitchen Furniture

Small Kitchen Design

If the kitchen is tiny and narrow, furniture with a height of less than 50 cm is perfect. It’s crucial to avoid using column furniture in this space because what matters most is having space to spare from a surface like a countertop. In terms of handles, they must be integrated into the furniture to allow for more walking room.

You may make the most of your kitchen space by choosing tall furniture that reaches the ceiling. Anything goes in order to make the most of the kitchen’s limited space.

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The Importance of Storage

Small Kitchen Design

The issue of storage becomes quite significant in a tiny kitchen. When the visit isn’t too long, furniture with glass doors is ideal. It is critical to have drawers within the furniture to store what you can. It is not a good idea to have various accessories all over the place in a small kitchen.

Another way to make the most of the kitchen’s limited space is to hang support bars on the wall to hang utensils or spice jars.

The Lighting in The Kitchen

Small Kitchen Design

When it comes to creating a sense of spaciousness in the kitchen, natural light is essential. It is critical that the curtains be as transparent as possible in order for natural light to penetrate the room. Artificial light, in addition to natural light, plays a significant role. Don’t be afraid to go for hanging lamps that will easily brighten the entire room. If you want anything more, you may always install a false ceiling and include several light sources to provide entirely uniform lighting.

Another lighting suggestion is to place some practical LEDs beneath tall furniture. When it comes to creating a large and pleasant environment, keep in mind that lighting is crucial.

The Choice of Appliances

Small Kitchen Design

It’s crucial to consider the kitchen’s proportions while selecting appliances. In the case of the refrigerator, it can be hidden behind the counter or replaced with a smaller model that takes up less space in the kitchen.

When it comes to ceramic hobs, choosing one with two bulbs rather than four is considerably better. Keep in mind that your kitchen is small and you don’t have much space. If there is enough room, a dishwasher of reduced size can be installed.

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When it comes to removing unwanted smells from the kitchen and having space to store spice jars, the extractor hood is really useful. It’s better to incorporate it into a piece of furniture or purchase it as a separate item. Small appliances should be avoided at all costs because they take up valuable room that could be used for something else.

To conclude, having a tiny kitchen does not have to spell disaster. The most important thing is to maximize the square meters available and choose a space that is both spacious and pleasant. You will have no trouble producing a spacious environment in the kitchen if you follow these guidelines.

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