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5 Spectacular Living Room Decor Tips and Tricks

by Blaky
Living Room Decorating Ideas

Today we are talking about what kind of decor can transform and revitalize the living room. We reveal the secrets of successful design, share ideas and listen to the advice of designers.

The living room attracts more attention than other rooms in the house or apartment. The living room is the center of the entire dwelling. The whole family gathers here in the evenings, meetings with acquaintances occur, watch favorite films, and have intimate conversations. The living room plays a crucial role in interior design. Even if you don’t want to make a major renovation, there is always the opportunity to update, freshen up and revitalize this room. How to do it? Here are five effective living room decor techniques.

1. Curtains

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Particular attention is paid to the curtains when creating the living room interior. They make the room more solemn and emphasize the specific purpose of the space. Depending on the style of the interior and personal preferences for this room, you can choose both long curtains (to the floor) and shortened options (to the windowsill).

Curtains made of brocade, velvet, silk will give the interior a classic character. Lambrequins or tulle with hand embroidery will add presentability and solemnity. It is better to use only lightweight fabrics made of chintz, cotton, or linen in country style. For an oriental interior, curtains made of light tulle or organza are suitable. Roman shades will perfectly fit into the urban style.

Our Tips:

For a small living room, it is better to choose plain curtains to match the color of the walls. Small drawing on them is allowed. This technique will visually expand the space. Feel free to use large patterns on curtains only in spacious rooms with high ceilings. Floral curtains look elegant and airy.

2. Wall Decor

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Wall decor sets the mood, enlivens the space, and makes it cozier.

Paintings and mirrors, framed in elegant frames, look beautiful in the classic style. Traditional decorations are carpet, tapestries, panels upholstered in fabric, candlesticks, and sconces.

Use modern flat-framed paintings, large posters, narrow photo shelves for an urban style wall decor.

Decorative plates and botanical cards with and without frames look original in the Provence style.

You can refresh the wall in the living room with light textiles or wallpaper of a different color. Black and white photos with images and scenes from different eras are an exciting solution for retro style.

Vinyl discs or posters of old films can also be an excellent decoration for such an interior.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Our Tips:

In dark living rooms, use posters and paintings in light shades, with images of the sun, sky, nature. Variants with motives of light colors look beautiful and fresh: white lily, lilac, sakura, orchid, jasmine.

Mirrors can act as a helpful decor element (albeit without massive frames): they visually make the room more spacious and bright.

If you want to draw more attention to the walls, add more paintings or other decorative items. Such options are suitable for the apartments of designers, artists, architects – in general, any creative person. Moreover, this technique is ideal for decorating a living room.

3. Aquarium

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Use an aquarium with fish as unusual and bright interior detail. He can give positive emotions, attract the attention of guests and become a recreation area. Moving fish and the splash of water is soothing and relaxing. Plus, because water is constantly present in the aquarium, the air in the living room is humidified.

Our Tips:

Use the aquarium as a zoning element when organizing the living room space. You can also create a “living” picture on the wall by hanging a flat aquarium with a built-in wide baguette on it. The aquarium as a coffee table will become a favorite of the living room interior. To create it, We can combine containers of various shapes with glass countertops.

4. Poufs

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Soft low poufs are an essential element of the living room; they play a functional role (it is pleasant to relax) and a decorative one.

We should choose the upholstery following the overall interior design. Leather poufs will make the space solid and presentable. Textile options in velvet or velour will add warmth and comfort to the living room.

Our Tips:

Use a pouf as an accent element in your living room decor. Let it differ in color from the primary palette of the room. A pouf can serve as a chair, coffee table, or footrest. The height of the pouf should be such that, while sitting on a sofa or armchair, you can comfortably put your feet on it. The best option is when the pouf is on a par with upholstered furniture or below it.

5. Floor and Carpets

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Although many are abandoning carpets in favor of modern flooring today, this decor element makes the room more comfortable, cozy, and homely. The fashion trend is a carpet to match the floor. But this only applies to light floors. On dark carpets, contrasting carpets are preferable.

Small rugs can make the desired color accents in the interior or highlight certain areas. For example, with their help, it is easy to select a space by the fireplace and a seating area next to upholstered furniture.

Our Tips:

We must remember that oversized carpets, more than 2.5 m, attract attention from the first seconds. If the interior is bright and stylish, with many exciting accessories, choose coatings with a calm color scheme, and monochromatic options are better. If you have chosen several small rugs for the living room, pay attention to ensure they are made in the same style. The carpet must be positioned so that those sitting on an armchair or sofa can put both feet on it. Rugs will visually lengthen the room. Coatings of large sizes will also create the effect of increased space without “detailed” drawings.

Remember: huge carpets with original patterns attract attention and look good only in spacious rooms. But if there is a lot of furniture in the living room, such a rug can create constant ripples in the eyes.

Use flowers, books, beautiful vases, travel souvenirs as additional accessories. Find a balance between functionality and comfort with decorative elements – and then your living room will become a great place to relax and receive guests.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Additional Tips:

  • We can use various techniques to decorate the living room. All kinds of textile decor work well here. I advise using cushions, throws, and rugs and even arranging them depending on your mood. At the same time, the interior becomes alive and always a little new.
  • A more static technique is posters and paintings. They can be from one to a whole series (depending on their size). If you are worried that you will soon get bored with the composition you have invented on the wall, use the gallery system for hanging pictures – this will allow you to change your home exposure easily.
  • If you’re a collector, the living room is the best place to showcase your passion to the fullest.
  • Don’t be afraid of large shapes! In the living room, this is just what you need.
  • Don’t forget the tabletop decor. Candlesticks, vases, table lamps, and floor lamps are indispensable. You can even decorate windowsills and floors with these items.

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