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4 Tips and Techniques for Installing Curtains Properly

by Blaky
Curtain Installation Ideas

Curtains are required in any home, not only because they prevent light from entering, but also because they may add a decorative touch to most situations.

Thus, curtains can entirely transform a space and provide appropriate lighting while also making the window appear larger. Of course, as long as the curtains are properly fitted, the end result will be as desired.

Any interior design work will be ruined by poorly positioned drapes, no matter how lovely they are. Do you wish to learn how to obtain it? Continue reading the next article for some helpful hints on how to correctly install curtains.

Take Actions

It is critical to measure the width and height of the curtain to avoid any mistakes. The bars should be installed a few centimeters above the window frame. The measurements will be determined by your personal preference and the type of curtain: certain curtains must be installed at ground level, while others require a separating distance. Determine the sort of curtain you wish to hang to determine how high you should hang the rod.

Curtain Installation Ideas

Different Effects

Different looks can be achieved depending on how the curtains are hung. Short curtains are therefore preferable for the bathroom and kitchen, while longer curtains run the danger of becoming dirty more rapidly. If you must have a floor-length curtain, choose a dark color and maintain the floor clean; on the one hand, you will avoid them from staining and, on the other, they will be less obvious if they are soiled. You’ll also need to consider the width of the fabric in relation to the window.

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Drill or Not

You can opt to drill the wall to hang the curtain rod. Screws or a particular kit for curtain supports are preferable to nails, which are not strong enough and will eventually give way, causing damage to the wall and the curtain rod.

Snap bars, magnet bars, glue, and Velcro are among other possibilities for securing them.

Curtain Installation Ideas

Put Up The Curtain

After you’ve installed the rod, it’s time to hang the curtain, making sure it’s not facing the wrong way. Arrange the fabric and make sure it’s level once the bar is secured in the supports.

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