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16 Essential Garden Tools for the Beginners

by Blaky
Garden Tools for the Beginner

Tools for the garden and farm are essential to carry out the tasks of their maintenance correctly.

Depending on the extension that we have to work and the work to be carried out, we will choose between some tools or others, both manual and mechanical.

Next, we will give a list of the main tools that I use in my garden and garden. There are many more, although the following are essential for the beginner.

Garden Tools for the Beginner

Manual Tools

1- Planter

Suitable for sowing seeds by making a hole in the ground.

2- HOE

If you want to remove weeds, aerate and remove the earth, it is handy to make furrows.

3- Fork Hoe

The fork hoe is a specially developed tool for digging, breaking clods, turning the earth and weeds.

4- Rake

A rake is an essential tool for dragging plant debris and smoothing and leveling the substrate.

5- Spade

Spades and spades are essential for transplants. They open greater or lesser depth holes to sow seeds and transplant seedlings, shrubs, and trees.

6- Cultivator

A cultivator is a tool used to scratch and aerates the surface of the earth. 

7- Halter

The halters are a beneficial garden and orchard tool for aerating the soil before cultivation. It loosens the soil, achieving an adequate development of the roots.

8- Scissors

The scissors are ideal for pruning weak branches, removing wilted flowers, harvesting tomatoes and other fruits that we should not tear, cutting threads for staking, etc.

9- Watering Can

To water seedbeds and other plants where the installed irrigation system does not reach or requires specific irrigation. There are showers of different capacities 3L, 5L, 8L, 12L, etc. Although it is not advisable to carry showers of more than 8 liters capacity, our arms will appreciate it.

10- Tutors

The stakes are of great help for climbing plants and weak stems that need support to grow in height.

11- Gloves

Gloves are necessary to protect our hands and forearms clean and well-cared for. There are different materials adapted for other activities.

12- Boxes, Baskets, and other Containers

They are elements that we will need to harvest, store, organize, transport, contain, etc. The drawers are convenient to gather without crushing the fruits and store them so that the air circulates. Other containers such as baskets will come in handy for making a slurry, storing rainwater, transporting soil, etc.

Electric Tools

Garden Tools for the Beginner

13- Garden Tiller/ Rototiller/ Mechanical Mule

The motor hoes make it easier for us to plow the soil in the orchard and garden. We could do it with hand tools in small spaces, but a motor hoe in medium and large plots will save us effort and time. With this tool, we can aerate the land, remove weeds and mix the compost and compost to prepare the soil for the next sowing.

14- Brush Cutter

The brush cutter is essential to keep weeds at bay. It is also a very versatile tool since you can combine its main body with multiple discs, each of them suitable against different types of weeds. In an article we wrote earlier, “Brushcutter: How to choose the most suitable one?” We explain how it works.

15- Chainsaw

We can use chainsaws to cut, shred and break, quickly and easily, and wood. Chainsaws are especially recommended for felling and pruning trees and shrubs, cutting firewood, and DIY work.

In top chainsaws, you have a beneficial comparison of the best chainsaws classified by prices and characteristics.

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16- Water Pump or Motor Pump

The water pump is handy to transfer water from one place to another. For those of you who follow me, you know that I went from having an urban garden with access to water through the opening of a tap to a rustic farm with a ditch. Therefore, it was essential for me to use the motor pump to transfer the ditch to the water tanks in the latter caseBy not having water constantly and continuously, storing the water in tanks for scarcity was essential.

Other Tools

Hedge trimmers, shredders, hoses, pots, baskets, cultivation tables, seedbeds, wheelbarrows, backpacks, irrigation kits, composters, etc.

Many other valuable tools do not appear in this list because I do not overextend myself, although I would like to know what tools are essential for you?

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