Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

12 Excellent Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen with Wallpaper

White kitchen is a classic that will probably never go out of style. But if you are bored with your monochromatic interior or you want “pop music” on your kitchen walls, why not smell it a little? Moreover, it is unnecessary to completely re-glue the wallpaper – one bright accent can become that solution.

Goodbye, boring white walls – hello bright colors and wallpaper. We are showing you different ways to refresh your kitchen interior.

Which Wallpaper for the Kitchen is Better: Flower Wallpaper – Traditional, Gentle, Beautiful

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

A romantic option that gives you mood and brings you back to childhood. Delicate floral wallpaper does not lose popularity and remains in demand worldwide.

Kitchen Wallpaper for the Accent Wall

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

A beautiful “trick” for the kitchen’s interior: choose one accent wall and come up with a non-standard approach to the wallpaper’s choice of color and pattern. The benchmark is on your inner feelings.

Wallpaper for the Ceiling: Geometry for Dynamics

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

Contrary to “fu, wallpaper on the ceiling is the last century,” the idea remains fashionable due to its simplicity and showiness. When choosing this option, do not forget about the perfect preparation of the ceiling.

The Yellow Wallpaper in the Kitchen: Lemon Mood

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

Your summer piece in the apartment will create the right atmosphere for bright breakfasts and warm family dinners—an option for rooms that you want to visually friendly.

What Color Wallpaper to Choose for the Kitchen and Where to Stick It

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

An unexpected accent in the form of wallpaper on the refrigerator or the facade of the kitchen cabinet is not the easiest but effective way to decorate the kitchen.

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Which Wallpaper is Best for the Kitchen: Go to the Dark Side

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

Dark colors are not the happiest option for the kitchen. Choosing dark wallpaper for the kitchen is better than focusing on the accent wall. You can compensate for the abundance of color with a light set or find a wallpaper version with a slight metallic sheen.

Kitchen Design Ideas: Wallpaper in the Pantry

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

Why not? If you are the lucky owner of a small pantry in the kitchen, do not ignore it. You can turn the most boring pantry into an interior jewelry box for the beautiful storage of supplies.

Wallpaper in the Interior of the Kitchen: A bit of Vintage Charm

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

You can choose vintage, “nostalgic” wallpaper for the country kitchen. We prefer natural materials for decoration, focusing on light colors and matte texture.

The Blue Color in the Interior of the Kitchen

The excellent blue color is suitable for a kitchen on the southern, sunny side. Bright textile accents and a mini-vegetable garden on the windowsill visually balance the color temperature in the interior.

What Wallpaper to Stick in the Kitchen

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

The bright wallpaper in the kitchen is perfect as an accent color, especially if the kitchen is connected to the dining area and can continue the accent color in textiles and other decor items.

Kitchen with a White Set – Which Wallpaper to Choose

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

Try something new. There is an idea that it is crucial to choose wallpaper in the kitchen after going to the market—focus on the colors of vegetables and fruits, to which your hands involuntarily reach.

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Kitchen Wallpaper Color: Bright Graphic Print for Mood

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

Bright and colorful wallpaper with a graphic print needs a set of calm tones. Otherwise, it is better to leave bright wallpaper as a color “spot” in the desired area. For example, above the dining table. For appetite and mood.