101 Love Quotes to Express Your Love This Valentine’s Day

There are numerous methods to show love, but one of the most effective is to give your loved one a simple and spontaneous brief sentence that can express all of the emotions that love creates.

Honest communication, mutual freedom, trust, and respect are the cornerstones of a healthy love relationship. It entails providing the other person with the means to soar to great heights while at the same time establishing sufficient grounds for them to want to return to the journey that they have traveled together in the future.

Love has no shape, no color, and is not something that can be studied. It exceeds the bounds of explanation, as well as the books that have been written on the subject. It is true that love is more than just a heart drawn on paper that has been stabbed through with an arrow, but the heart and reason as determining points lead us to a crossroads that is not always easy to navigate.

The power of love can be felt and experienced by everyone. Everyone succumbs to the influence of love at some point, whether it be sooner or later, to a greater or lesser extent, or with more or less frequency. For this reason, there have been many influential people from a wide variety of walks of life who have contemplated love, friendship, and the factors that contribute to the maintenance of bonds of affection.

Express love to a person is extremely attractive and beautiful, and some people do it effortlessly, while others who say I love you or exhibit their sentiments usually cost more… Whatever you’re looking for, whether you want to declare your love for the first time or make your partner fall in love again, we can help…

101 Love Quotes to Express Love

1 . You showed up without warning. My life was completed and now it makes sense. I would not change it for anything, or for anyone.

2. The brightness of your eyes, your breath, your warmth… they make my heart beat. I could not live without you.

Valentine's Day Quotes

3. Being by your side eternally, and listening to your voice is all I want. There will be nothing that can fill my life with happiness and illusion.

4. You drive me crazy. I am learning that this sweet and happy form of freaking out is the best way to live. Don’t ever leave me.

5. You absorb me, you penetrate me, and you fill my cravings. You are becoming the only important thing in my life.

6. Deeply in love with you, I begin to know who I am. Although I only really care about you.

7. I was born to live and die by your side and when this happens, my soul will never be separated from you. I am fused to you.

Valentine's Day Quotes

8. Thank you for existing, I would invent you if I had not met you. I couldn’t live without being with you.

9. It is difficult that all people do not love you just to see you. But really love you to despair, only me.

10. I don’t care that we are different, that we think very differently, or that we are not compatible … It is enough for me to agree with you in wanting to be together forever.

11. The first kiss united us forever and every time I kiss you again the universe lights up and renews our love.

12. You have made me feel like a new woman. You make me want to improve every day. You are my guide and my benefactor.

Valentine's Day Quotes

13. Every night I dream of you and every morning I wake up with the illusion of seeing you, hearing you, even if you don’t know it yet.

14. The more stones I find on our way, the more I want to continue walking with you. The word impossible with you does not exist.

15. Without you it would be difficult for me to live, your presence gives me life, I breathe and beat with the rhythm of your heart, I need you.

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16. You are the best thing that has happened to me in life. A thousand times that I could live and a thousand times I would repeat the same love story with you.

Valentine's Day Quotes

17. Every night I die in your arms and every morning the sun rises and sets with you. I wouldn’t trade this routine for anything.

18. What I feel for you is so strong that it will warm your house for the rest of your life.

19. I will never tell you that I love you, but let me show you every minute for the rest of my life. want?

20. You have changed the argument of my life. It is impossible that there is a love novel as beautiful as ours. On every page, in every paragraph you are.

21. With you I feel invincible, you give me encouragement, strength, and energy, together I have learned that there is nothing that can come between us.

22. Without you my life has no meaning, my soul wanders lost and my heart is lost.

Valentine's Day Quotes

23. I am made for you, if you miss me I am incomplete Let me steal your heart and I will be able to live happily.

24. Hearing your name makes me shudder, saying it relieves me, calling you agitates me. Come and don’t make me wait any longer.

25. I perceive something new within me…. something fiery, incredible, magical, and romantic: you.

26. You are everything to me: cheerful, refined, interesting, romantic, cautious, reckless, predictable, mysterious, cold, warm, infinite, and human.

27. You are everything to me: friend, companion, confidant, accomplice, understanding, loyal, tender, loving, infinite, and human.

28. With you, every day of the calendar is Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Quotes

29. I want the waves of the sea to bring to the shore of my life the greatest treasure on earth: you.

30. You and I don’t need words, just by looking and touching we know everything about each other.

31. Blue eyes, strawberry lips, the perfume of roses and carnations … With so much charm you drive me more and more crazy every day.

32. I would be able to give you everything without receiving anything in return. I confess that I am your slave and I would renounce my freedom a thousand times to get your love.

33. You are so special and unique that you drive me crazy with desire and I will never be able to control it.

Valentine's Day Quotes

34. You are my silence in the middle of the noise, my light in the darkness, my refuge in the storm, you are my life …

35. Every second without you is perpetuity; every day by your side a second.

36. Thank you for making me feel excited and happy every day of my life. I can’t ask for more from life.

37. I love you how to go from here to the farthest star in the universe and return again?

Valentine's Day Quotes

38. If I knew how to write, I would be the author of the most beautiful love novel, although the truth is that for that I would only have to put your name on each page.

39. It suffocates me not feeling you close, do not move away beyond the contact of our bodies, everything else tastes cold and lifeless to me.

40. When I see you, I dream, and when I dream, I see you. I don’t know when I’m awake anymore.

41. I don’t know when you’re going to love me, but I do know that I have to win you over…

Valentine's Day Quotes

42. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m dying to be with you. I don’t stop dreaming of you, thinking of you.

43. When I look at your eyes, my legs shake, my heart leaps, my breath shakes … is it because I love you?

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44. With you I have found the light that guides me when darkness lived in my heart.

45. How easy it is to look at you even closing my eyes when I feel you so deep within me.

46. I gave you the key that opens my heart and since then I have not been happier. Thanks for making me so happy.

47. We are imperfect but together, in spite of you and in spite of me, we are perfection.

Valentine's Day Quotes

48. You filled my whole life with light and now, without the sun, in the dark, I can only miss you. You will come back?

49. Since you told me ” I love you ” my life changed being so happy. like I never dreamed of.

50. Every time I look at you, you shine like a star that lights up my life, you give me joy and a lot of desire to be happy.

51. Without you I would die, for you my life would give. I love you, my life.

52. Every time you leave, I stay in the sad night, every time you appear the day is filled with light and joy.

53. I know that I will no longer be able to live without you, you have stolen my heart.

54. Fate and chance united us, and since then there is no more destiny than you and more chance than loving you like nobody else and nothing in the world.

55. You asked me if you saw the woman I love. And I told you maybe every morning. You were confused. And it is that you do not realize that you see it every time you look in the mirror.

56. I only perceive the joy of the sun reflected in my pupils. When you leave everything becomes sad and dark. That’s why I need to keep you by my side. I adore you.

57. I feel happy feeling part of you. It is an inexplicable sensation but at the same time wonderful I would not change it for anything in the world.

58. I have realized that I am happy if you are, even if it is with another person. Do you realize how much I love you?

59. You started as my dream, you became my passion, and today you are the owner of my heart.

Valentine's Day Quotes

60. Just thinking about you makes me sigh. Just dreaming about you makes me shudder. Sighing and shuddering, I can only think of you.

61. If there were reincarnation, rest assured that you will be the love of all my life.

62. With you everything is special. You hallucinate me, you make each of our moments something magical, you compliment me, and you improve me … I think I am a better person thanks to you.

63. I always dreamed of being with you. Now that I’m with you I think I’m dreaming …

64. There is nothing in the world that made me happier than growing old with you.

65. Your kisses make me ascend to heaven. You are in heaven and you are the greatest of heaven. That is why I call you that.

Valentine's Day Quotes

66. Neither with all the words, nor with all the poetry, nor with all the songs could I express to you all that I feel for you.

67. I began to live when I found you and since then the only thing I fear is losing you and beginning to die.

68. I like to feel your heartbeat, I like to soak up your sweat, I like to breathe the air from your mouth, I like the perfume of your skin. I like you…

69. For you I would wait for the Arctic ice to melt. And it would not be long with the fire of my love.

70. For making me so happy, I feel that with you I touch the sky and the stars.

71. Without you, dreams would be just that … dreams. Living with you is the best of dreams.

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72. Sharing the rest of our lives with you will be very short, I hope I can find you in another life.

Valentine's Day Quotes

73. Because you are the light of my eyes and the air that I breathe, do not leave my side.

74. I would fight for you, I would cheat for you, I would give my life for you. And it is that without you it would not be worth living.

75. Thank you for making me believe, for changing me to make me better. For making it easy. Thanks for being you.

76. You are what makes me live, what makes me feel alive…

77. I remember your kisses, I remember your laugh, I remember your eyes, I remember that I can’t stop remembering you. My memories give me no truce because you are inside me.

78. You produce a sea of ​​sensations just by looking at you. I love you.

79. How can I just tell you that I love you? How can I tell you that I can’t live without you?

80. I need to have your support, understanding, complicity, imagination, desire, passion, and above all your love.

Valentine's Day Quotes

81. You are present and my future. Without you, I am nobody..

82. You are the only woman with whom I don’t need to dream, it is enough for me to think of you.

83. I want to have you very close to my eyes, and much closer to my life …

84. I love when you laugh, I love when you cry when you speak, you get emotional, you get sad, when you scream, moan, turn pale, blush I love you.

85. Inside of me I always carry you with me and if I leave you for just a moment I am short of breath.

86. Aging by your side is like rejuvenating every day, I will fight every second to be with you for a long life.

Valentine's Day Quotes

87. I don’t know if you know, but I go to work every day for you, I live for you, I die for you …

88. For me there is no life without you. I love you so much that when I think of your death I think of dying with you. I wish you health so that you make me happy all my life, without you, I would die.

89. The language of your body is my language, your eyes are mine, your feelings are also mine and I return them to you increased to infinity.

90. You take me to infinite pleasure, just for your love.

Valentine's Day Quotes

91. A thousand times that I was born, a thousand times I would look for you again on the five continents until I found you and made you mine.

92. You are the forbidden fruit! If God put you on the ground it is for some reason … I want to keep biting you …

93. If you remove a thousand daisies, you will always get the same answer. Yes.

94. I adore your body, I like your lips, and your eyes seduce me … Every time I see you the day lights up with your smile and you become the reason I live.

95. Although I am far away and worried when I think of you I smile. And when I am near you I shudder.

96. You are the place where I take refuge, sleep, rest, vibrate, abandon myself, and am happy.

Valentine's Day Quotes

97. Since that night, I can’t stop thinking about you. You have filled all the holes in my heart.

98. You are not the first woman in my life but I want you to be the only and the last.

99. If you look at me you will see what I feel, I cannot stop loving you for a moment in my thoughts. My eyes look at you telling you that I love you.

100. I will cross a thousand deserts, I will navigate a thousand oceans but I will find you and I will live obsessed with making you happy

101. Don’t go. Do not resist, do not make an effort .. I will bind you forever with the strength of my feelings.

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