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10 Trendy Bathroom Decor Ideas, Solutions, Tips, and Tricks

by Blaky
Bathroom Decor Ideas

We have 10 intelligent bathroom renovation solutions. Bathroom renovations can be troublesome, which is why many people put them off for years. It’s time to challenge the hated bathroom and give it a new face. We have 10 solutions to present in this room. Thanks to them, the bathroom will not look good and fashionable, but it will also acquire functionality.

1. Tiles with Style

Bathroom Decor Ideas

No more boring simple tiles. If you want to enjoy a unique bathroom over the next few years, go for a bolder design. It is enough to emphasize only one wall with such tiles, preferably behind the shower or bath. Others may be more subdued. Structural tiles with a marble pattern and wood imitation are gaining popularity. Mosaics are also gaining popularity again.

2. An Eye-Catching Vanity Unit

Bathroom Decor Ideas

A cabinet under the sink is an indispensable solution if you want storage space in your bathroom—time for washbasin cabinets with exciting shapes and colors. Sometimes fancy handles can help make it look stylish. Wardrobes of unusual colors, such as green, dark blue, or burgundy, deserve special attention.

3. No More Traditional Cabins

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Traditional showers with tall shower trays are a solution that is gradually becoming obsolete. They look heavy, chunky, and the sliding door doesn’t work well. The era of shower stalls without a tray or with a low tray has arrived. They do not use typical cabins and replace them with partially open glazing. This solution gives the room a modern and light expression. The shower no longer dominates the entire bathroom and allows other elements of the interior to blend in.

4. Mirror in Focus

Bathroom Decor Ideas

A simple and relatively inexpensive way to decorate a bathroom interior is to replace a mirror with a more original one. Sometimes, simply reshaping or adding even subtle framing can make a big difference in a bathroom and make it more comfortable to use. And we have a lot of interesting models to choose from – round, with built-in lighting or in a stylish frame.

5. Painting Tiles Instead of Replacing Them

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Not everyone likes to chip off old tiles and lay new ones. It is a highly cumbersome, expensive, and messy process. Fortunately, there is a much cheaper alternative. It is about painting existing tiles. There are special paints available on the market for ceramic surfaces that are extremely durable and moisture resistant. They are available in various shades of white and gray to give them a modern look. We should only remember that the tiles are painted over at the seams. Such paints allow you to achieve spectacular effects.

6. Colored Fittings

Bathroom Decor Ideas

The era of chrome fittings is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Now on the wave of popularity are bathroom faucets such as black, copper, and gold. In this colorful version, they turn into decorations for the bathroom and truly decorate it. Batteries in shades of gold, copper, brass, or rose gold are especially prized. They have an elegance and warmth that bathrooms often lack.

7. Wall Lamps by the Mirror

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Lighting is an important element of plumbing, especially near the mirror. Here you should pay attention to the sconces instead of the typical lamps above the mirror. They are much more decorative, and you can choose from a variety of models and create a stylish composition with them.

8. Towel Hanger

Bathroom Decor Ideas

A bathroom is a small space in which even the smallest element is important by its very nature. Therefore, you should carefully select all items of equipment. It also applies to heated towel rails. It is one of those details that can accentuate the style of composition and add character to it.

9. Photo Wallpaper

Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you want to highlight one of the walls in the bathroom, you should choose a wall mural. Thanks to an adequately selected one, you can create an original arrangement. After all, some 3D models give the impression of depth or show some texture. It is not difficult to choose a wallpaper for the style of the room and create something unique with them.

10. Vinyl Floor Panels

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Terracotta or porcelain stoneware on the bathroom floor is not the only solution available. Vinyl panels are also an interesting option. They are deceptively capable of mimicking almost any material. They are water-resistant, quick and easy to install, and cheaper than tiles. It does not require clogging up old floors – they can be installed on top of the existing floor—an exciting option for those who are tired of standard solutions.

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