Scandinavian Decor Ideas

10 Marvelous Ideas and Features for Scandinavian Home Decor

Where to hang the horns? Why do you need a wire? Which posters to choose from? Let’s reveal a few secrets of Scandinavian decor.

Scandinavian design is ideal for those who value simplicity, comfort, and sustainability.  Its main task is to fill the room with light, breathe warmth, and maximum comfort into it. It gets along incredibly well in small and poorly lit rooms, making them visually more voluminous and comfortable. There is usually little decor in such interiors. You can set the necessary rhythm, dilutes the monochrome palette, and fills the space with the spirit of Scandinavia. What accessories and finishes will help with this?

1. White Background

Scandinavian Decor Ideas

The primary color of the Scandinavian interior is white. Walls, ceilings, doors, window frames are painted in it. Like on a blank sheet of paper, it is easy to combine furniture and decor details. It is worth filling the room only with the most necessary items to preserve the essential functions of white – light and volume.

If pure white seems too dazzling and intense, it can be replaced by close neutral shades of ivory, milk, cream, sand, light gray, beige, pale blue, pale pink, almond, linen, etc.

It is important to consider that flaws are more noticeable on a white surface, so walls and ceilings should be perfectly flat and well prepared for painting. At the junction of the walls and ceiling, it is advisable to put in at least a small plinth in width, which will hide possible cracks due to the shrinkage of the building.

2. Wooden Base

Scandinavian Decor Ideas

The ideal option for Scandinavian flooring is wide natural wood planks. They will give a natural, slightly rough texture to contrast effectively with the sleek white walls and ceiling. In addition, wood always brings warmth and comfort.

Planks of oak, pine, beech, ash, and spruce are well suited for these purposes. The color of the wood can be either dark or light. Often the floor is painted white for the lightest possible space. To preserve the natural shade of the wood, use varnish or colorless oil.

There is another trend which is the deliberate aging of floorboards. This creates a sense of habitability, authenticity, and individuality. Herringbone flooring boards are ideally combined with the northern decor. They will highlight the theme of nature and ecology. A more affordable alternative to natural wood is laminate.

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Concrete gray floors and large plain tiles in neutral tones are good in wet areas and acceptable in the living room. The cold surface of such floors will be warmed by mats, skins, furs, and carpets made of natural materials. They will help reduce the noise level.

3. Accent Walls

Scandinavian Decor Ideas

The simplest thing is to line up the walls and paint them white or light neutral shades. Thanks to this, there is an endless number of options for decoration. An alternative to painting is wide lining or wood panels.

Suppose you want to highlight one of the walls. In that case, you can do this with the help of slatted panels made of wood, brickwork, wallpaper with a colorful geometric or floral pattern, or open shelves with books and original accessories.

Concrete walls are also not uncommon. They give the interior a loft touch that has recently become fashionable. White clinker tiles or natural stone are traditionally used in the kitchen and bathroom.

4. Nostalgia for the Past

The Scandinavian decor has a slight touch of time, which expresses in aged surfaces, worn rugs, retro furniture, in a stack of old suitcases, second-hand books, chests, vintage posters, etc. Things related to the past evoke nostalgia and bring a unique charm to the interior, comfort, peace.

It can give an old bike or mirror a second life by painting it, hanging it on the wall, or placing it in the corner of the room.

A famous piece of Scandinavian decor is wire. You are experiencing a new birth in the interior. Stylish lampshades, sculptures, inscriptions, dishes, furniture, hangers, and other household items are made from it.

5. Subdued Light

Scandinavian Decor Ideas

In the interiors of Scandinavian, the maximum is done to preserve natural light: a white background, bare windows, mirrors. But during the long northern winters, this is not enough. Therefore, artificial light must also be well thought out. An important role is played by the subdued side light, which is endowed with literally every corner of the house. This maintains an atmosphere of coziness, friendliness, and tranquility.

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Ceiling chandeliers are rare. Instead, soft light is emitted by laconic floor lamps, bunches of bare bulbs, wall sconces, garlands over the bed, spot spots, table lamps.

The appearance of luminaires is an essential part of the design. Original copyright copies of natural materials with adjustable bases are welcome. Industrial lamps fit perfectly into Scandinavian interiors.

6. Furniture Eclecticism

Scandinavian Decor Ideas

Residents of Scandinavia do not tolerate unnecessary things and prefer only necessary, functional furniture with a well-thought-out storage system. It is permissible to play with styles To brighten up a minimalist interior: a vintage sofa can quickly get along with a wicker armchair, metal “loft” chairs, and a bohemian velvet wedge heel.

There is no need to buy furniture sets and select furniture with the same colors and upholstery. Mixing different textures is encouraged. Next to a soft sofa with many decorative pillows, you can put a coffee table with a solid wood tabletop or a stump and put leather or knitted pouf in front of a rattan wicker chair.

You can replace wardrobes for clothes with a metal or wooden hanger bar if you want to save space. It is attached to a mobile stand or the ceiling with ropes. This is how clothes become an element of decor.

7. Black and White Exhibition

Scandinavian Decor Ideas

Instead of picturesque paintings, Scandinavians prefer laconic black and white or gray posters more. They look great on a white background. It is recommended to combine black and white posters, photos, and graphic posters. This will give the interior a particular style and unique character.

If you need to place several posters or photos on the wall at once, this should be done asymmetrically, without fear of combining frames of different sizes. As illustrations, signs on the theme of Scandinavian nature are suitable: images of mysterious forests, mountains, fjords, or the harsh northern sea.

8. Colorful Fabrics

Scandinavian Decor Ideas

Fabrics play a unique role in Scandinavian interiors. The main requirement is natural, breathable materials. The curtains are made of light, light-colored linen, or cotton for maximum daylight transmission. But they are more used for decorative purposes, and the windows are often left bare.

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There are usually jute mats on the floor, a carpet of pure wool or cotton, animal skins, etc. The beds in the bedroom are made of soft blankets in several layers. To contrast with white, textiles use bright red, blue, green, purple, yellow.

Geometric, floral prints or patterns from the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century are traditional for Scandinavian design. If the table is covered with a tablecloth with a graphic pattern, then you should not decorate the wall with wallpaper with a similar print, avoiding excessive variegation.

9. Cozy Warmth

Scandinavian Decor Ideas

In the harsh Scandinavian climate, a home should be warm. That is why many items in the interior support the feeling of coziness and warmth: numerous pillows on the sofa, a headboard made of genuine leather, animal skins, wall hangings, knitwear, and furs, soft toys with a northern theme.

The most warming element of the house is the hearth. In addition to a real fireplace, its role is played by volumetric candlesticks, candles on a tray, and artificial fireplaces. You can make (or purchase a ready-made) fireplace arch from scrap materials and put several voluminous white candles in it.

10. Breath of the Nature

Scandinavian Decor Ideas

In the Scandinavian style, the eco-component is essential. Therefore, there are many objects from the wild in the decor: animal horns, skins, actual stumps, tree cuts, branches, cones, shells, fresh flowers, etc.

You can decorate the walls with a herbarium in a frame, a candlestick made of twigs, a mirror in a wooden frame, pots with live plants. A wicker basket for laundry or firewood can occupy the corner of the room.

Houseplants are required, but there should not be many of them – 3-5 pots with lush and lush greenery are enough. Both strict cacti and single plant shoots in a transparent vase will do. Live bouquets in a soft monochrome or similar palette are always relevant.

Decor items in the Scandinavian style are laconic and straightforward, but at the same time, they are distinguished by their unusual catchy design and durability.